HometechnologyGet Protection from Rain and High Winds When Camping Using Tarps

Get Protection from Rain and High Winds When Camping Using Tarps

Camping in the woods is fun and exciting, especially if you want to enjoy the great outdoors with your family and friends. Then, you need some camping gear including tents, tarps, first aid kits, umbrellas, shoes, and more to make your experience enjoyable. These days, durable tarps are legendary favorites of youngsters camping under the open sky in the woodlands or forests.

The most essential thing to carry when camping is the tent and you need to set it up properly to avoid rough weather like rain and winds. According to an article published in Forbes, you will also require a tarp beneath your camping tent. Then, you need to protect yourself from rain and winds when camping.

Hang your tarp the right way

If you use hammocks while camping, spending time on it swinging and taking a nap is fun. You can even read your favorite mystery lazing on the hammock. If rain is the culprit interrupting your siesta, you can tie a durable line a couple of feet over the hammock and hang your tarp just like an A-shaped roof frame.

If you are a minimalist, tie a line some feet above your tent’s footprint for summertime shelter yet letting in light if you want to read.

Build a side-V

You can build this simple shelter in the shape of a V on the side. It’s like a makeshift shelter with a sloping wall or roof. The roof will obstruct the wind; however, either side as well as the front would be open to the climatic elements. And it’s needless to say that you will carry a waterproof tarp while camping outdoors.

Building the side-V is easy. All you need to do is stake out a rectangle-shaped groundsheet, and make use of double poles together with guylines to build the slanted roof. You can deviate a little by using a single pole in the center and of course peg down the shelter’s sides. It will help in creating a tent-like shape with a tarp and groundsheet with one opening.

Create additional space

Are you fond of more space even when setting up a tent while camping? No worries! You can simply hang your tarp off the tent’s front side to build a makeshift entrance for muddy sneaks and wet packs.

Create the additional space to protect yourself from the elements carefully. Make certain that your tarp covers the tent’s top for appropriate runoff. When you do this, it’s easy to keep more rainwater outside and this implies less moisture and mold on the tent’s inside.

Tie the front wall of tarps like a pro

Take the spare tent stakes to bond the front wall of the tarp properly. If you fail to do so, the ceiling will flutter vigorously against the wind keeping you awake all night in the wilderness. And if you like to stay awake, that’s a different thing.


Keep these ideas in mind when camping in the woods to stay protected from rain and wind. Enjoy safe camping with quality tarps and tents.


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