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Foreign investors will be exempt from paying cryptocurrency taxes in the United Kingdom

Beginning January 1, 2023, the UK will impose a tax exemption for foreign investors who purchase cryptocurrency through local investment managers or brokers. 

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced the tax break in December 2022 in order to make the UK a cryptocurrency hub. The country already offers tax advice to resident cryptocurrency traders. In July 2022, HM Revenue and Customs issued a consultation seeking input from investors and industry experts on how to tax decentralized finance (DeFi).

The lengthy Financial Services and Markets Bill, if passed into law, would give local financial regulators more control over cryptocurrencies. In the coming weeks, the UK Treasury plans to launch a consultation on how to regulate the cryptocurrency industry. 

This exemption is critical for attracting international investors because it ensures that foreign investors are not required to pay UK taxes simply because they hire UK-based investment managers. This exemption has been expanded to include crypto assets in order to support the UK’s status as a hub for investment management and to discourage funds from appointing UK managers.

Financial reforms in the United Kingdom

The Chancellor of the Exchequer unveiled the financial services reforms, also known as the ‘Edinburgh Reforms,’ earlier on December 9. The reforms, according to His Majesty’s Treasury, include an extension of the current tax break that allows investors to use the services of a UK-based manager without incurring additional tax obligations calculated by the best crypto tax software.

As part of the new financial reforms, European Union banking and financial market regulations will be repealed. According to the Chancellor’s statement, the proposed changes will be implemented through regulations.

The Financial Services and Markets Bill will create a regulatory environment that is safe for stablecoins.

Aside from cryptocurrency taxes, the Financial Services and Markets Bill seeks to strengthen regulatory oversight of the industry. The legislation will give the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) more authority over domestic cryptocurrency operations and advertising. Furthermore, a ban on selling international cryptocurrency in the United Kingdom is expected to take effect. 

The United Kingdom’s Plan to Become a Crypto Hub

The UK government held consultations on crypto assets and stablecoins in January 2021, and it has since published its response, outlining feedback from 89 parties and detailing proposed regulatory changes. 

The UK government has proposed legislation that would allow stablecoins to be used as a form of payment and enter the regulatory arena under the FCA’s supervision.

This would necessitate stablecoin issuers holding an equivalent amount of GBP for the tokens issued.

In 2023, the Treasury will launch a financial market infrastructure ‘sandbox’ to test trading traditional financial assets using DLT. Real customers will conduct transactions in this secure environment while regulators keep an eye on them. Regulators will be able to change the system to maximize user benefit.

A task force formed by the Treasury and the Bank of England to study the effects of introducing a Central Bank Digital Currency has also been formed (CBDC).

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