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Tackling Ambien Addiction One Step At a time at South Dakota Drug Rehab

The first step towards treating an ambien addict is a detox program that is medically assisted. In this therapy, experts slowly taper off the dose of ambien. As you decrease the dose slowly, you can then cease to take ambien without having any life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

The advantage of this drug detox therapy is that the patient experiences minimal withdrawal symptoms, as the dose is decreased slowly. Even if you experience intense symptoms, you are under constant medical supervision. Doctors use medications to ease the symptoms. So, overall, the entire process becomes safer and easier for a patient.

Time required to go off ambien completely

The time for complete therapy depends on the severity of the addiction. Some people recover within 10-15 days, some take weeks, while some may take months.

Expert tip for effective recovery

Patience and consistency are two keys to unlocking the door to de-addiction. There will be times when you feel nothing much is happening. Then, there will be times when you are surprised by your own recovery. Take things at ease and with an open mind for complete mind and body recovery.

Safe way to go off ambien

Whether you have a mild or severe addiction, you must not stop taking ambien cold turkey (all of a sudden). This increases the risk of getting withdrawal symptoms, which might be life-threatening, especially in cases of severe addiction.

The safest way to go off ambien is to call a drug addiction hotline and enroll in a well-structured rehabilitation program.

Detox + Therapy = De-addiction

Detox alone does not work in de-addicting a person. Detox cleanses your physical system. However, until and unless you don’t address your emotional issues, you cannot recover completely.

Addiction affects all aspects of an individual’s life. So, during de-addiction, you must touch all these aspects for complete recovery.

Therapies throw light on emotional issues, co-occurring mental disorders, behavior issues, and even family issues.

This is a complex procedure. It takes time. You must not hurry in the de-addiction process if you desire lifetime sobriety.

Effects of in-patient rehabilitation

South Dakota drug rehab center combines a detox program with behavioral therapy, group discussions, counseling sessions, and more. The in-patient program sees to it that the patient attends these sessions. The progress here is monitored. Besides, the motivational environment coupled with a healthy routine paves way for a remarkable change in a person’s behavior, thinking, and overall personality.

A rehabilitation center not only helps you go off the drug but also teaches you how to fight cravings and cope with triggers. This is important. You won’t be living inside the center of life. You must go back to society, which features the same old environment and temptations.

Thorough learning of coping skills and a strong support system can prevent relapse.


It is possible to treat ambien addiction with the right therapies, environment, and attitude. Seek help as soon as you realize you have gone too far in the consumption of this drug.

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