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How to Make Your Dubai Trip Memorable when Traveling from China?

Dubai is all about living life king-size. However, traveling to this extraordinary city need proper planning, especially considering your budget and other criteria. Flight, hotels, sightseeing, and most importantly visa- these things matter. Therefore, we tailored a list for those who want to travel to Dubai from China. 

Make your plan beforehand and book the ticket in advance.

The trip expenditure begins with booking flight and hotel, which needs to be done in advance. However, first, you must plan the trip, especially the date. One of the best tips is pre-booking the flight tickets. After all, we all know that tickets to the Emirates can be costly. Therefore, booking them in advance will help in saving money. Moreover, you can also choose to travel in the economy instead of business class if you are on a budget. 

Another great tip to save money is booking early morning or late-night flights as they are comparatively cheaper than other options. Alternatively, you can contact a reputed travel agency and let them guide you regarding the flights as per your budget.

Book hotels wisely

Booking hotels in Dubai need enough research. You can book five-star hotels or resorts if budget isn’t a barrier. However, budget-friendly hotels are the best choice if you don’t want to splurge on accommodation. Another great idea is selecting hotels nearby the main city or the metro station. It becomes easy to access internal transportation without too much expenditure. 

Furthermore, pre-booking hotels will be great to avoid last-minute rush if you are traveling during New Year. You can also connect with a reliable tour operator and enjoy the vacation worry-free.

Apply for a Visa Before hand with a reliable tour operator. 

After booking the flight and hotel, the next thing to consider is applying for a Dubai visa from China. The citizens of China can apply for a 30-day or 60-day (single and multiple entry) visa, depending on the purpose of the visit. However, you must decide the number of days you want to stay in Dubai. 

A single-entry visa lets you enter and exit Dubai once, whereas a multiple-entry visa allows multiple entries and exits within the visa’s validity period. It is best to contact a trustworthy tour operator in Dubai and let them decide the best for you.

Choose the season wisely.

Season plays a vital role, especially when planning a Dubai trip. The Emirates is one of the hottest countries. Although you will find tourists flocking here throughout the year, summers can be tough to deal with. Therefore, it is good to travel during winter (November-March). The temperature drops to a couple of degrees. As a result, it becomes easy to try outdoor activities and visit the attractions. However, winter is the peak season and you might face huge crowds everywhere in the city. 

That’s not all, you might have to pay a double charge for hotel and flights. However, if your budget is restricted and you want to avoid crowds, you can visit during summer, but be ready to face hot weather and humidity.

Visit the budget iconic places in the city.

Sightseeing in Dubai can be costly. Therefore, you must make a list of the budget places in the city to experience fun, thrill, and good times. A few budget-friendly spots in Dubai include Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Souks, Jumeirah Beach, Coffee Museum, etc. All these attractions offer some unique experiences worth cherishing. Alternatively, there are various theme parks to enjoy thrilling rides and activities.

Proper research to wisely plan the itinerary

Dubai is different for everyone. Some consider it to be an activity paradise, for others, it is a Future City. Sightseeing, architectural marvels, and attractions- Dubai hosts a variety of activities. 

Therefore, it is best to look online for the things to do in the city when planning the itinerary. Alternatively, you can reach out to a reputed tour operator and let them plan the trip. It is a good idea since you will be able to cover the major attractions in the city.

Dine-in at Old Dubai restaurants

The Old Town in Dubai houses ancient markets and souks, which are opposite to the luxurious malls and lifestyles in the main city. These malls feature five-star restaurants and dining opportunities. Although the restaurants offer drool-worthy ambiance and international cuisine, the food will be equally costly. 

Hence, it is best to choose eateries and restaurants in Old Dubai. It will help in saving money, and you will get the opportunity to enjoy the local cuisine and authentic flavors of the country.

Final words

A memorable holiday in Dubai needs proper planning. This specially curated list can help you plan a proper itinerary within your budget without missing out on the fun. 

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