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Jeanne Cadieu Age: How old is Jeanne Cadieu?

Jeanne Cadieu is a popular French model, famous for her romantic relationship with the famous American actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jeanne Cadieu began hoarding the spotlight in July 2018 , when she was seen spending time in London with Jake at a restaurant in London.

The year had come to an end Jeanne Cadieu’s connection with the entertainer ‘Nightcrawler’ was proven by different distributions.

Model-wise, Jeanne Cadieu has worked for several brands like “Etta Sabater” and “Cloth and Bone. Additionally, she has taken a stroll on the slope at numerous shows of design from one side of the globe across the globe. She is currently a part of the endorsement by the New York-based model and the organization for ability.

This article discusses the life of Jeanne Cadieu. Read on for more.

Jeanne Cadieu Age: How old is Jeanne Cadieu?

Jeanne Cadieu was born on February 8, 1996 at Paris France. She’s 26 at the time of her 2022 birthday.

Jeanne Cadieu is a student who is currently attending in the International School of Paris.


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