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All you need to know about Walgreens and Lottery tickets


Walgreens, a Walgreen Company subsidiary, is America’s second-largest pharmacy. This pharmacy offers information and pictures, as well as medical supplies. Walgreens is not a chain of stores controlled by another company. Let’s learn more about Walgreens, Lottery Tickets and other stores.

Instead, the company is owned by one group of shareholders who own stock in all locations. Corporate management decides where stores will be located, but does not grant franchises.

You can find a wide variety of products in over 10,000 Walgreens across the country, including prescriptions and groceries. However, you might be curious if your Walgreens has access to lottery tickets.

The best part is that Walmart sells lottery tickets. You can buy Mega Millions or Powerball lottery tickets at over 9,000 Walgreens locations across the country. Walgreens sells lottery tickets starting at $2 per draw. Walgreens does not sell lottery tickets in Nevada, Alaska and Hawaii.

What type of lottery tickets can Walgreens offer?

Because they are the most popular, Walgreen’s sells Megamillions and Powerball tickets. You can also find scratch-off cards at certain stores. You can buy Mega Millions and Powerball tickets at Walgreens close to you.

How much does it cost?

A Mega Millions or Powerball single-play ticket costs minimum $2. The price for a single drawing is $2. You have a greater chance of winning if you purchase multiples of $2.

How can I get cashback on tickets I have purchased?

You can redeem your winning lotto ticket at an authorized store if your reward is less that $600 Authorized merchants include convenience stores and grocery shops that sell lottery tickets within your state.

These Lottery tickets can be found in which locations?

Walgreens ticket sales are only available to those states that participate in the national lottery. Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii, Alabama, and Utah are some of the states not participating in the national lottery.

The best part is that Lottery tickets can be purchased at Walgreens locations throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands.

How do you purchase lottery tickets at Walgreens?

  • Before visiting your local Walgreens, you will need to have an ID card (minimum 18) and sufficient cash to purchase the plays you want (multiples $2).
  • You can choose from five numbers between 1 and 69 or one number between 1 and 26.
  • Accept computer-generated numbers to be valid.
  • Now it is time to choose the playdates you want and to pay for them. The cashier will give you your ticket and print it.

What time is best to buy lottery tickets at the lowest price?

Additionally, lotteries often have prime-time drawings. Ticket sales are stopped soon before and after the draw. Because tickets cannot be sold in such a short time, your chances of winning are low. It is best to buy lottery tickets before the end of each day.

Walmart offers scratch-off tickets

For the first time ever, scratch-off lottery tickets are now available at Walmart stores in Orlando. You can purchase Powerball tickets at certain CVS locations. Depending on local laws and regulations, some CVS locations might not be able to sell Powerball tickets.

Polzin said that Walgreens has never sold tickets and that the processes aren’t set up for tickets. Polzin stated that Walgreens customers rarely feel the need to purchase tickets in order to attract them.


We hope every question has been answered at Walgreens lottery ticket. You must be over 18 to purchase lottery tickets at Walgreens. They will be sold in all 50 states, but they will only be available in five — Nevada, Alabama and Alaska as well as Hawaii and Utah.


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