HomenewsHow to Be Confident While Speaking Even When You Are Not!

How to Be Confident While Speaking Even When You Are Not!

Public speaking! It is one of the biggest fears of people giving instant jitters. Many people give up on good opportunities because of their speaking fear and social anxiety. Introverts have difficulty speaking confidently in public and in front of a small group.

If you find it overwhelming to speak in front of people, you should work on gaining the confidence to do so. You can build confidence and gain the courage to speak publicly. If you know speaking is your weak point, we have some tips to help you. Read further for some amazing public speaking tips!

How to Confidently Speak? Good Tips for Introverts!

Speaking confidently when anxious and nervous is the most challenging thing to do. However, certain habits can make you speak confidently and be the best gradually. Dive right in to know the best tips for public speaking:

1.    Practice Makes the Man Perfect

Even having the best turmeric supplement can take time to show results. Hence, it would help if you practiced a lot before you became a perfectionist. Just like any other skill, public speaking or speaking in front of small groups well takes a lot of practice.

If you have an event coming up where you have to speak publicly, you should start practicing beforehand. Start practicing your speech at least a week before you have to perform. When you are prepared, you feel less anxious before speaking. It makes you appear more confident and helps maintain the flow of speech.

2.    Start Small and Gradually Improve

Real growth happens outside your comfort zone and when you push your boundaries. However, you can only expect yourself to be your best when you speak in front of hundreds of people with experience. Always start small and then build your way up.

If you have stage fear, you can start by speaking in front of your friend. You can also give a speech at your friend’s wedding to build confidence. Start by speaking in front of your friends to take their constructive feedback. It helps build your confidence piece by piece, polishing your skills gradually.

3.    Give Yourself Room to Make Mistakes

You may have heard people say that I had a horrible experience that’s why I never tried again. Children who forget their speech on the stage never participate in public speaking again. It can be because we are around people that always highlight our mistakes.

When you are nervous and trying public speaking for the first time, give yourself room to make mistakes. Never stop because you stutter once or forget your line; always keep going. When you keep trying, you will become better at whatever you are trying to achieve and reach your goal.

4.    Try to Think of All the Opportunities 

When you start speaking publicly or in front of a group, you will likely get more opportunities. Making connections is crucial nowadays to get more fruitful opportunities. If you are anxious about something, think about the possible positive outcomes.

Before facing the audience, take deep breaths and not think about the judgment. You can also have turmeric capsules to soothe your nerves. On the other hand, remember the positive mindset and what stepping out of your comfort zone can bring into your life.

5.    Make an Eye Contact and Smile

You may have heard of the phrase: ‘Fake it till you make it.’ when you see highly confident people on the stage, you may think they are born with it. You are wrong! Only some people are born confident and ready to take over the world. Sometimes, you have to fake certain traits to make your personality more attractive and gain more opportunities.

If you need more confidence speaking, remember you can always fake it. If you make eye contact with the audience, you will instantly appear more confident. Eye contact and a smile together make a great impact on the audience. Always keep a smile on your face; it radiates a positive aura and confidence.

6.    Use Hand Gestures

There are some tricks to fake confidence without making it noticeable. While eye contact and a smile make a lot of difference, hand gestures can be the last nail on the wall. When you keep your hands static, it makes you look timid.

Whenever you are talking about something important, always make a hand gesture. It helps in grabbing the audience’s attention and makes your speech more engaging. On the other hand, you can also take a few pauses between your speech to collect your thoughts rather than rambling.

Final Verdict

Public speaking is quite challenging, even for the most confident people sometimes. However, you can develop the confidence to face the public over time. It would be best to never think of the outcome when feeling nervous. Always take deep breaths before you step on the stage, and start with a smile. Always push yourself out of your comfort zone, as great things happen beyond boundaries.


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