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Top highest paying jobs to explore after Blockchain Bootcamp

Joining a blockchain Bootcamp will help you acquire important skills like creating, developing, administering smart contracts, and building public and enterprise blockchains. Online blockchain bootcamps also offer hands-on experience, so learners know how to implement the acquired skills. Blockchain remains one of the most consistent high-paying job fields. The top highest-paying jobs that you can seek after pursuing an online blockchain Bootcamp are as follows:

1. Blockchain Developers

It is one of the most popular roles available in the blockchain market. Blockchain developers focus on developing applications with the help of blockchain technology. They occupy high-ranking positions because they are expected to offer exceptional services and solutions with their comprehensive technological knowledge. The staggering salary of blockchain developers ranges between an annual average of $150,000 and $175,000.

These professionals can be categorized into key blockchain developers and software blockchain developers. Top organizations, including finance and tech firms, are looking for blockchain developers. These professionals also have a bright future in the government sector.

Becoming a blockchain developer requires in-depth knowledge of blockchain architecture and its functioning. They also need knowledge about web development, data structure, and cryptography. Apart from that, blockchain developers also need to be proficient in C++, .NET, and XML.

2. Blockchain Project Manager

Blockchain project managers need to maintain a link between an organization and the blockchain experts inside it. They need to exhibit the firm’s requirements and ensure that the blockchain experts have a detailed understanding of the organization’s requirements. They also need to simplify technical needs so that all the stakeholders within the organization understand them.

Project managers operating with blockchain technology need skills beyond simply understanding the technology. Project management and communication skills are also crucial for this job role. Without proper communication skills, blockchain project managers won’t be able to collaborate with non-technical members inside an organization.

3. Blockchain Administrator

Blockchain administrators are responsible for creating, developing, and maintaining coordinated operations related to all components inside the blockchain infrastructure. They leverage the best talent available inside various teams to deliver exceptional business value. A blockchain administrator also needs to monitor the performance of tools and services inside the infrastructure.

Blockchain administrators should be proficient at working with a programming language of high level and Bitcoin protocol. These blockchain professionals also need coordination while using UNIX or Linux. Blockchain administration also requires competence in networking services, networking architecture, protocols, and virtualization.

4. Blockchain Architect

Blockchain architects must assign, design, and connect the different solution components for blockchain. They often need to collaborate with network administrators, UX designers and developers, and IT professionals. Candidates should also be aware of all the recent blockchain technology developments.

CSS, React, Node, HTML, Generic SQL, and Python are important skills for blockchain architects. These blockchain professionals must also be experienced in data science, cryptography, and DevOps. Moreover, hands-on experience in blockchain development will be an added advantage for professionals in this field.

5. Blockchain Quality Engineer

They ensure that all areas related to blockchain technology and its development are of the highest standards. Blockchain quality engineers fulfill multiple responsibilities, like automating frameworks and manual testing. Applications developed by blockchain quality engineers need to be tested for bugs and glitches.

They also need to make detailed reports about bugs and glitches to the concerned departments to take proper measures. In-depth knowledge of operating different blockchain platforms is crucial to becoming a blockchain quality engineer. They also news problem-solving, communication, and fast-thinking skills.

6.  Blockchain Analyst

Blockchain analysts can either be risk analysts or business analysts. Risk analysts focus on assessing existing risk factors related to blockchain applications. They must spot potential threats and provide effective solutions to counter and neutralize them.

Business analysts must develop business strategies targeting the blockchain application and identify areas that require improvement. Business analysts in the blockchain space have a huge scope for development. Apart from in-depth blockchain technology knowledge, these professionals also need technical skills.

7. Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain engineers need to develop applications that meet the technological aspects of an organization. The willingness to embrace new technologies is crucial for individuals who wish to become blockchain engineers. They need programming skills and an economic outlook toward blockchain engineering. The role requires knowledge related to supply and demand, incentivization, and more.

8. Blockchain Legal Consultant

The expansion of blockchain technology requires organizations to learn the legal terms associated with it. Blockchain legal consultants work as legal partners of a company. They offer advice regarding structuring cryptocurrency offerings or overlook smart contracts. These blockchain professionals also need to ensure that firms are meeting regulations laid down by their countries.

Blockchain legal consultants should have in-depth knowledge about how blockchain technology is legally implied in an organization. They need to be aware of the fintech regulations of countries and should also possess communication skills. Blockchain legal consultants should also have a proper understanding of smart contracts.

9.  Blockchain Consultant

A blockchain consultant often needs to develop solutions and strategies with their knowledge of blockchain technology. They need to be able to identify and handle risks associated with blockchain technology. Blockchain consultants need intrinsic knowledge about the blockchain industry.

10. Blockchain UX Designer

They are responsible for unique and user-friendly interfaces. They must ensure that the interface is simple but intriguing enough to keep users hooked. Startups, as well as large organizations, are using blockchain technology to create a user experience that will propel their success in the future.

Individuals seeking this blockchain job must have technical skills as well as creativity. They also need effective communication skills as they often need to work closely with content, operations, and marketing departments.

Final words

The blockchain industry is filled with multiple opportunities for professionals. However, employers are looking for certified professionals with thorough knowledge of blockchain technology. Therefore, enroll in a blockchain certification program today and prepare to explore several high-paying job opportunities.

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