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A Buyer’s Guide For Sports Glasses

Whether you are a professional sportsperson or indulge in it just for fun, taking care of your safety is something that you cannot compromise on. That’s the reason why using proper sports gear is very important. Along with enhancing your performance, sports gear also ensures your safety by protecting you from any sort of injuries that might arise. 

There is a set of equipment for various parts of the body that makes up a complete sports gear, and this might vary from sport to sport. When it comes to the sensitive eyes, we have sports glasses that not only keep your eyes protected but also boost your performance by imparting a clear vision. 

To know what makes an ideal pair of sports glasses, read on!

An Updated Prescription  

Recently, after getting an eye test, I found out that I required an eyesight correction. Being a cyclist, I have been using cycling glasses for a long time now. But now, I needed to make a shift to cycling prescription glasses. That’s when I headed over to the internet to look for a pair. 

My search ended at Specscart, which has an amazing sports glasses collection under the brand name – Actics. The pair that I bought has been exceptional in eliminating the problems that I was facing with regards to my eyesight during cycling.

Clarity of vision is crucial to make the most out of your cycling. Whether you are cycling on a smooth cycling track or on the rough trails of a mountain, your eyesight needs to be on point to avoid injuries and also enhance your performance. So if you are someone who needs prescription glasses, remember to keep your prescription updated. 

Superior Material

A good durability is something that is always desired by those looking to buy cycling glasses. You would definitely want your sports glasses to last for a long time, and that’s why buying sports glasses made of superior quality materials become important. 

When it comes to material for sports glasses, some of the desirable characteristics – for both the frames and the lenses – include a sturdy nature and a solid impact-resistance, as sports will require you to make a lot of dynamic movements.

For sports glasses frames, materials such as high-grade acetate and TR90 are an ideal match for the rough and tough nature of sports. For your lenses, sturdy polycarbonate is suitable.

Proper Fit

While you are halfway through a marathon or cycling through rough trails, you will certainly want to avoid a situation where you are required to adjust your sports glasses every now and then. That’s the reason why a good fitting pair of sports glasses is something you just cannot compromise on.

Frames that use flexible materials enhance the fit of your sports glasses considerably. Flexible frames adjust according to your face shapes, thereby ensuring that they don’t fall off. You can also use straps for your sports glasses for that extra bit of support, especially when lots of dynamic movements are involved.

UV Protection

When it comes to outdoor sports, you will be exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays and there are high chances that you will be spending long hours under the sun. That’s when UV protection becomes integral.

Whenever you step out in the sun, do remember to put on a pair of sports glasses with lenses that have an UV protective coating. This coating serves to block the harmful UV rays from reaching your eyes. 

Protection From Glare

Glare is a very common occurrence during sports. After striking various obstacles, light rays are reflected in all directions. It is the horizontally reflected light rays that cause glare when they reach our eyes. 

Due to reflected light rays, a common problem associated with glare is lack of clarity in vision, and this is something you just can’t afford in sports. Sports glasses that have lenses loaded with anti-reflective coating filter out the reflected light rays responsible for causing glare. In this way, glare is eliminated and you can be assured of clarity in vision.

Other Protective Coatings

Apart from UV protective and anti-reflective coatings, there are also various other protective coatings to enhance the performance of your sports glasses further. These include coatings such as anti-fogging and hydrophobic coatings.

Anti-fogging coating is ideal under foggy conditions, especially during winters. While performing under such conditions, fogging of the lenses of your sports glasses may be very common, leading to lack of clarity in vision. With the help of an anti-fogging coating, fogging up of your sports glasses can be prevented.

There might arise a need for you to perform in rainy conditions in certain sports such as a marathon or cycling. Water droplets that settle on your lenses can cause irritation. This may be the case even when it comes to sweating. A hydrophobic coating will ensure water droplets don’t settle over the lenses of your sports glasses, and instead slip off.


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