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Staying Connected While Traveling Internationally

The desire to change the environment temporarily sometimes gets people to go on a journey overseas. Traveling helps individuals to get out of their comfort and feel nature in a new environment. It also creates an opportunity to experience the culture of other people, gaining cultural fluency in the process. Usually, people gain personal experiences with new things when there is a hands-on experience and the cultural benefits of traveling internationally are endless. Staying connected while in transit is very important so that you can find your way when you are lost, either with any piece of information or the journey itself. Here are some ways to stay connected during an international journey.

Make sure that your phone is not locked

Some phone manufacturers, especially ones in the U.S. lock their phones so that you cannot use other companies’ SIM cards on them. Now, if you have a phone contracted with say a U.S. company, making phone calls overseas on your cell phone can be done but will be very expensive. This is because you are roaming from the location you bought your phone from. In order to stay in touch without expensively paying for it, you need to unlock your GSM phone to have access to sim-only deals. This way, you can easily buy sims in your new location and recharge them to get connected with family and friends at a much cheaper cost.

Using satellite phones

Satellite phones are very expensive and way heavier than the regular phones we have around. For any journey that heads way off the beaten track, you will need a satellite phone. This is because it is possible that there would be no internet service there. For example, if you are headed for remote areas like those in Greenland, you need this type of phone for any emergency and to keep in touch with friends regularly. This type of phone is an essential lifeline to the rest of the world and an ultimate device for saving lives if you find yourself in a secluded and unknown location.

Lifetime mobile Wi-Fi hotspot

You can get the Keepgo’s Lifetime Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot since it has a global SIM that can get you connected almost anywhere. You can carry the device around and it allows you to share your data with any of your devices with you during the journey. The issue with this device is the cost of about $130 which comes with 1GB of data. You can top up another 1 GB for about $50. The advantage here is that you can use the SIM in about 64 countries. You can order it a few weeks before you travel. With a device like this, you can tour different countries without having to buy new SIM cards whenever you get to a new country.

Find the internet and connect

Usually, you can find the internet in almost any hotel you find yourself in. It may be free even. Well, since you are already paying for the hotel’s services, technically, it isn’t. Once you find one, you can connect with your phone or laptop to stay connected with friends and family. You need to be sure that it is on the amenities list before you book that hotel. For Airbnb apartments, you are almost guaranteed to have access to an internet connection. If you are going to any location for the purpose of vacationing, you need to be mindful that the more remote the destination is, the less likely it would be to access the internet and the more expensive it will be when you are able to connect to anyone.

Final word

Making plans to stay connected while traveling internationally is not just for the purpose of telling your friends and family how much fun you are having. It is also some preparation for any worst-case scenario where you would need to get help immediately. We have heard of some people going on journeys to remote islands and never returning while reaching them will also be futile. Anything could happen and you would need to make that call or send a quick message. So, make inquiries on where you are going and make preparations to stay connected while you are there. If you can afford a satellite phone, it would be the best because it can work anywhere on the planet.

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