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How to Celebrate A Greener Halloween

Everybody desperately waits for Halloween, but without a doubt, it is an expensive event that leads to a lot of wastage of resources. So can anything be done to make Halloween more eco-friendly and greener? Yes! Thanks to research done across the world.

Here are some tips that can help you and your family to celebrate a more eco-friendly and sustainable Halloween without scaring the planet.

1.     Say yes to locally produced pumpkins

Halloween is incomplete without pumpkins. You can lower your emissions by purchasing locally produced pumpkins.

Also, do not waste any part of the pumpkin. While carving the pumpkin, remember to save the seeds as they can be roasted and eaten, and the inside mass can be cooked to make delicious pies, bread, soups, and muffins.

2.     Recycle and DIY

Instead of buying a new costume, reusing or recycling costumes that you wore last year is a great way to make Halloween greener. You can also make your own costume by using materials that are present in your house.

For example, you can dress up as a ghost by using an old bedsheet. There are endless DIY ideas available on the internet for you and your family, each of which is super easy to make and uses materials easily available in every household. Instead of purchasing a rubber or plastic face mask, you can use face paint or makeup.

3.     Get creative

Decorations are a major part of the holiday but also one of the most harmful to the environment because as soon as Halloween is over, the decorations are taken off and discarded.

The majority of them are made from non-recyclable materials and plastics. To make Halloween greener this year, you can use natural products such as gourds and pumpkins. You can use old stockings to create spider webs and cardboard boxes to create other decorations.

4.     Host a green Halloween party

Hosting a green Halloween party is a win-win situation for you because you will have fun and save the planet. You can start off by sending electronic invites instead of the traditional paper ones.

You can use glassware or metal utensils instead of plastic plates and cups made from non-recyclable plastic. Or you can go for compostable cups, plates, and utensils that are recyclable. Set out recycling dustbins for cans and bottles.

Also, remember to buy locally produced and organic food for the party. At Halloween, a lot of energy is consumed as everyone throws a party at night with all lights and appliances at work. Turn off extra lights and appliances as that will help you save on your Utility Bidder monthly bill.

5.       Go for organic candy

The heart of Halloween is giving out candy, but you can go greener by giving out other useful things such as pens, colors, and other fun treats. But if you really have to give out candy, you should go for those made from organic ingredients that do not contain preservatives, colors, and flavors.

6.     Use reusable materials

If you or your family plans on going trick or treating then make sure that you use reusable and recyclable buckets, cans, canvas bags, and pillowcases.


Where there is a will, there is always a way. If you wish to save the environment, you can easily follow the above-mentioned tips for this year’s Halloween. It will be a change, but it will be worth it.

Our planet is suffering and becoming more bruised as each day passes and it is our duty as its residents to play our role in reducing carbon emissions by adopting eco-friendly habits and activities.


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