HometechnologyMiah Pandinha Games (October 20,21) Read Complete Reviews!

Miah Pandinha Games (October 20,21) Read Complete Reviews!

This article shows a YouTube channel that a child created. It posts gaming surveys and other recordings in Portuguese. Peruse on Miah Pandinha Games.

Is it true to say you are interested in a YouTube channel owned by a child who posts videos on their channel every day? If this is true, then you might have heard about this YouTube diversion in which tons of recordings are transferred to obtain endorsers.

Most of the supporters come from Brazil or other Portuguese-speaking countries, since the channel uses Portuguese as its language. Most recordings were made using a cell phone camera. The recordings include the voice of Miah Pantdinha. Learn more about Miah Pandinha Games


The YouTube channel was created on September 9, 2019, with a total perspective of 1,170. The channel’s first video was uploaded on 23 October 2019. This video has 47 views to date. She explains the secret story behind granny in the video.

“My Minecraft Schedule” is the second video. She explains how to play Minecraft and all its subtleties. The video is approximately seven minutes long and has been viewed by 38 people. There are a few preferences for this video.


  • This YouTube channel’s main video content includes game audits of various cell phone games that are played primarily by children.
  • The duration of recorded videos can vary from a few minutes to approximately fifteen minutes depending on the content.
  • The recordings are in Portuguese.
  • Most of the recordings are based on children’s games. Some recordings include the doll and toy survey that Miah Pandinha has.
  • To date, 51 recordings have been uploaded to this YouTube channel.


  • Miah Pandinha Games is a channel that focuses on gaming children looking for guidelines and gaming audits in Portuguese.
  • The dream of the creator of this channel is for it to have 1,000 endorsers.
  • The most popular video on this channel is “Responding Translation Music’s Gacha Life”, which has 57 views. This video runs nine minutes.
  • Jogando Among Us is the channel’s longest video, at more than 15 minutes. The video is viewed by 23 people, two of whom enjoyed it and one who hated it. This video was transferred on 29 October 2020. Learn more about Miah Pandinha Games.
  • The tenth of December 2020 was the date that the most recent video was transferred. The title of the video is “Dandinota pra Jogos kkkkk”. This video has 21 perspectives, and runs for 6 minutes and 6 seconds. Three of the 21 viewers liked the video while two disliked it.


YouTube vlogging and game-checking on recordings have gained immense popularity after the pandemic. This has led to more children taking part in this stage, creating innovative and interesting recordings.


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