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How Much Does 28.8 Acres Of Land Cost?

Take a look at the information provided to get an idea of what 28.8 acres of land costs.

Do you know the value of an acre of land in your state or country? These facts are crucial if you’re looking to buy land. This is because sellers can deceive and charge more if you don’t know the current rates. It is recommended that you expand your knowledge, even if this information is not available to you.

This article will answer the question: How much does 28.8 acres of land cost? We’ll show you the elements that affect this cost.

What is an Acre of Land Worth?

An acre used to be a length of at least 660 feet. Today, it is 4840 square yards. This roughly corresponds to approximately 4,046.86 square meters.

You can imagine a football field if you have an acre of ground. The football field is however slightly larger.

What Factors Determine The Land’s Price?

Before we can answer How Much is 28.8 Acres of Land Worth we need to explain the variables that influence this figure.

Its topography determines whether the land is flat or sloped. If it has utilities or is easy to install, and if there are roads nearby that can be paved. The land’s use is another factor that influences the price.

A land’s geographical location determines its value most of all. The land value in different states of the US varies from $1,558 per acre for Wyoming to $196,410 for New Jersey. The average land price in the US is different.

You should verify the exact location of the property as well as the price per-acre for similar properties in the area.

How Much Does 28.8 Acres Of Land Cost?

As we mentioned, the cost of land depends on its location and can vary from one state to the next within the United States. Here’s the solution to your question about specific states:

South Dakota

  • Value per acre- $2,135
  • Value of 28.8 Acres – $61,488


  • Value per acre- $7,364
  • Value of 28.8 Acres – $212 083.2


  • Value per acre- $1,558
  • Value of 28.8 Acres – $44,870.4

New Mexico

  • Value per acre- $1,931
  • Value of 28.8 Acres – $55,612.8


  • Value per acre- $39,092
  • Value of 28.8 Acres – $1,125.849.6

After you know the answer to the question How much is 28.8 acres worth in different states, it is important to remember that an acre of land within the US has an approximate value of $12,000. The US average cost of 28.8 acres is $3,456,600. This page will provide information on the land costs in other states.

Wrapping It All

This question can be answered simply by saying that it is impossible to determine the exact cost of land without knowing its area and any other factors that affect the land. It is possible to estimate the area of 28.8 acres of land cost. If you are not from the US, take a look at what the land costs in your local area.

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