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Meijer confirms that PS5 stock restocking is coming soon — What you should know

Updated February 9, 2009: GameStop now stocks online. The retailer also offers PS5 restock and Xbox Series S stock. Both are available as bundles.

Good news for all those who missed Thursday’s PS5 stock sale at Walmart. Meijer has confirmed that it will soon stock PS5 stocks. This could be your perfect chance to discover HTML5.

Official Twitter account of Meijer says that PS5 consoles are soon to be available in stores. The retailer warns that there will be limited stock. You can search in Meijer stores for signs announcing the availability of PS5 consoles to find out if they have them.

Meijer PS5 restock

PS5: $499 @ Meijer

The PS5 console’s flagship has a 4K UDH Bluray disk drive. It is slightly bigger than the all-digital model. It costs $499 and includes a PS5 DualSense controller.

PS5 Digital Edition: $399 @ Meijer

The PS5 Digital console doesn’t have a 4K UDH Bluray disk drive. It is slightly smaller than its predecessor. It is also available at $399 (100 more) and includes a PS5 DualSense controller

PS5 Meijer stock supply will be limited

Meijer claims its PS5 restock sale is extremely limited. They haven’t yet stated how many PS5 consoles they will stock, but it doesn’t sound like they expect to stock large quantities. To get a console, you will need to act quickly. Meijer states that PS5 restock stores will have the sign above to show when the consoles are on sale. It will also indicate the number of consoles available in the store.

To Increase your chances Create a Meijer account:

This Meijer PS5 restock will only be available in-store. However, it is a good idea for future restock events to have a address handy. In the event Meijer releases consoles online. For any emergency, you should always have your credit card information and address ready.

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