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Check out these pink PC cases for 2022

It is becoming increasingly difficult to create a distinctive-looking PC that stands out from the rest. The sheer amount of PC cases on the market is what makes it difficult to make a unique PC. While we have managed to select some of the most unique and high-quality cabinets for our collection of the best PC cases there are only so many things you can do to make your case stand out from others. Although custom cases are always an option, they can be expensive. You can make your case stand out from the rest by choosing a different colour. We’ll be looking at the top pink PC cases available right now.

A pink case for your PC is truly unique. You won’t find many pink-colored cases on the market. We searched hundreds of websites to find the best pink cases for this collection. Although you won’t find a pink case from the main case manufacturer NZXT and Corsair these cases offer reliable features such as a large chassis, radiator support, many expansion slots, and much more. Let’s not waste any time and let’s start with our list 2021 of the best pink computer cases.

Vetroo A03 is the best overall pink case for a PC

Vetroo A03 gaming case is available in pink, white, and black. The Corsair 4000D Airflow PC Case looks similar, but it’s much cheaper. As you can see, the Vetroo A03 PC case comes with a tempered-glass side panel that allows you to see the internals. The rest of the sides are covered with a plain panel that has airflow vents. To ensure maximum airflow, the front panel of the case is equipped with a mesh panel. Three 120mm case fans can be mounted on the front of the case to push hot air out.

Vetroo A03 features what we call an Airflow design. Many PC cases use tempered glass panels on the front, with small air vents to allow for airflow. Many case manufacturers now offer an airflow version of their older cases. A mesh design has been proven to provide better airflow. The front panel of this case has a dust filter. This is a crucial feature for an airflow case that has many vents to keep dust out.

This PC case comes pre-installed with three 120mm RGB/PWM fans. The case comes with a controller that allows you to control the fans. There are three pre-installed fans. You can also add two 120mm or 140mm fans to the top panel and one 120mm fan to the rear panel. These fans will need to be purchased separately since the case comes with only three. You have a lot of options for mounting radiators on the Vetroo A03. The front radiator can be installed with either a 360mm, 240mm, or 240mm radiator. A top radiator can be added with a 240mm radiator. These radiators can be installed inside the chassis even if you have an ATX motherboard.

The bottom compartment houses the PSU as well as the HDDs. The dedicated mounting space behind the motherboard at the back allows for more drives to be installed. The Vetroo A03 has many cable management features. Two wire combs are installed behind the motherboard tray to route cables. The front IO also offers a good selection of ports. The case includes a USB 3.0 port, several USB 2.0 ports, audio output jacks and power/reset buttons. The case has seven expansion slots and two vertical slots to mount the GPU individually.

The Vetroo A03 PC case is an excellent choice. It comes with everything you need. The chassis has enough room to house a water-cooled computer, as well as a reservoir. This is an incredible deal at $90. There are many mainstream PC cases that offer similar features and will cost you much more. Click the link below for Amazon to purchase this case.

Apevia Crusader F-PK is the second best overall pink case for a PC.

The Apevia Crusader F-PK PC case is a striking option if you are looking for something a bit more striking. As you can see, this gaming case is mid-tower. It has a distinctive front panel. It is essentially a mixture of a solid and mesh panel. The side panel is made of transparent tempered glass. You can remove the side panel by using thumbscrews. The top panel has air vents, and is covered with a mesh filter. This case comes in white, pink, and black colors.

Apevia Crusader F-PK cases have plenty of room to store a lot of fans. Three 120mm fans can be mounted on the front, and two 120mm fans can be mounted on the top panel. A single 120mm fan can be added at the back. This case includes four 120mm fans already installed — one at the back and three on the front. The Apevia Crusader-F-PK can be taken out of the box with no additional fans. You have two options for radiator mounting: a 360mm or 240mm radiator can be mounted on the front, or a top-mounted 240mm radiator.

This particular case is compatible with ATX, ITX and mATX motherboards. It also has more space for radiators. You can also install a GPU up to 350mm in length thanks to the ample clearance. Although there are no vertical expansion slots, seven PCI expansion slots allow you to install multiple GPUs. The bottom compartment has a separate compartment that can be used to install the PSU and more space for adding HDDs. You can also get dedicated mounts for SSDs or HDDs in the Apevia Crusader F-PK. You also have the clearance to install a CPU cool at a maximum height of 165mm.

The motherboard tray also has cutouts to route cables to the back. This will allow you to manage your internal cables efficiently and create a neat-looking computer with minimal clutter. The Apevia Crusader F-PK PC case has a lot of great features. It also comes in a pink colour. Although the front panel is striking and has sharp edges, it all comes down to personal preference. This case looks best in black, but you can also choose pink.

This pink-colored case is only $75 and it’s one of our favourite PC cases on Amazon. Although they are slightly more expensive than the Vetroo A03, both cases are equally excellent. This collection has more options, so make sure you look around until finding the right one for you. Click the link to see the lowest price on the Apevia Crusader F-PK case at Amazon.

Best affordable pink PC case: Apevia ENZO-PK

The Apevia ENZOPK PC case is a great option if you are looking for a budget build. This unit is only $67 making it one the most affordable in this range. The pink color is the most expensive, at $67. While the black and white variants can be purchased for only $60. We think the Apevia ENZOPK case is a great value, despite its low price.

It features a metal construction and a transparent tempered glass panel. This is a welcome addition to budget PC cases that lack a transparent side panel. Air vents are located on the sides of the front panel for airflow. The ENZO has 5 different cutouts to allow for airflow. This is quite impressive for a case that only has a single front panel. Air vents are also located on the top panel for improved airflow. The top panel vents are protected from dirt and dust particles by a mesh filter.

Apevia ENZOPK PC case has plenty of room to install case fans or radiators. Three 120mm fans can be installed on the front, and two 120mm fans can be mounted on the top. A 120mm fan can be added to the rear panel to draw fresh air. We appreciate this option as it’s rare to find a budget case with so many mounting options. This case comes with one fan pre-installed, but you will need to purchase the rest. Although this may increase the cost of the build overall, we recommend buying at least two additional fans to ensure good airflow.

If you wish to use liquid CPU coolers, radiators can be mounted inside the case. You can add a 360mm or 240mm radiator to the front and a 240mm radiator to the top. You will need to allow for enough space for each radiator depending on how big your motherboard is. This will ensure that you don’t have any clearance issues with RAM modules or other components. Apevia didn’t mention the GPU height or CPU cooler clearance, but we would assume that you will be able install most new GPUs and most CPU coolers without any problems.

Apevia ENZOPK has a separate compartment for PSU installation at the bottom. The dedicated mounts allow you to mount HDDs separately or add HDDs. The main motherboard tray has enough space for cable management. However, there aren’t any cable management features. Although the front IO has a good selection of ports, they are not extraordinary. We really like the Apevia ENZOPK PC case. This case’s best feature is its low price. Although it’s not the best pink case on the market, this case offers great value for money.

Golden Field MAGE – P is the best pink case for airflow

The Golden Field Mage-P looks similar to the Vetroo a03 we previously mentioned in this collection. This case is also airflow and has a mesh front panel to maximise airflow. The Golden Field Mage’s front mesh panel is very similar to that of the Fractal Design Meshify 2PC case. Although it isn’t exactly the same design, it is very similar to the Fractal Design Meshify 2 PC case. It will remind you of this case more than any other. We’re using tempered glass to show the inside of the case. The case comes in a variety of colours including pink, black, or white, but we prefer the pink version.

To allow for more airflow, there are vents located on the top panel. To prevent dust and dirt particles from entering the case, the top vents are covered with dust filters. A filter is essential to protect internal components. This makes cleaning much simpler. The Golden Filed Mage P PC case includes three pre-installed fans with RGB lights on the front. You can also install two additional 120mm fans on top and one 120m fan back.

To maintain the airflow within the PSU and drive compartments, there is also room for two 120mm fans. This is a rare feature in a PC case this expensive, so we appreciate it. This PC case also supports radiators well. It is possible to install either a 360mm, 240mm, or 240mm radiators on the front. The top panel can also be used as a radiator. The Golden Filed Mage -P PC case is water-cooling. This PC case can be used with an ATX, M+ATX or ITX motherboard. Cable routing cutouts are also a nice addition to the motherboard tray.

This case is easy to use as the side panels can be removed easily. The chassis has plenty of space to install all components. You can mount various SSDs or HDDs with plenty of space. You’ll never run out of space for them. Seven expansion slots are available to fit even the largest GPUs on the market. This PC case can house a GPU up to 320mm in length and a CPU cooler up to 165mm in height.

Overall, we love the Golden Field Mage P PC case. If you are looking for an airflow PC case, this is the right choice. An airflow case is better than the standard ones because it allows you to regulate the temperature of the components. An airflow PC case can maintain a lower temperature than one with closed panels.

Alternative best airflow case for PC: Thermaltake AHT200

The Thermaltake T200 PC case is solid and comes in pink. The Thermaltake T200 PC case is open-frame, which makes it very different from other cases. As you can see, the case has many openings. The case has tempered glass mounting on both the sides and a large opening at its back above the expansion slots. The micro version of this case is not compatible with the ITX or mATX motherboards.

It is obvious that it can be more challenging to work with a case for a computer with a unique design than normal. There are many parts that can be detached. Although it is relatively simple to disassemble the case and put it back together, it can still be very confusing for many users. However, the case has plenty of space to hold all your premium components. This allows you to build a high-quality computer. Perforations on the top panel allow for airflow. This case has plenty of airflow, but you can always get more.

Two 120mm, 140mm and two 120mm fans can be installed on the top. There are also two 120mm and 140mm fans available on the front. You will need to purchase the fans separately as the PC case does not come with them. The radiator mounting support can only be installed on the front of the PC case, since there is no mounting space at the top or back. The radiator can be installed on the front with either a 240mm- or 280mm radiator. Thermaltake states that you can fit a GPU up to 320mm in length and a CPU cooler up to 150mm in height. You can install the PSU at the bottom. There is enough space to fit a PSU up to 180mm in length.

The unique look of the Thermaltake AH 200 is very popular. This PC case is rarely used due to its complexity. If you are looking for something unique, a Thermaltake AH 200 PC case is the best option. The larger version is also available, but it will cost you more. However, the larger case will allow you access to bigger components. The bigger case will allow you to add more features and a larger motherboard.

The Thermaltake T200 can also be ordered in white and black color options. However, we added the pink version to our collection because it’s so different from other cases. Open-frame PC cases have their own challenges. The main issue is dust buildup on the internal components. It is important to ensure that your computer is regularly cleaned.

Best mini-ITX PC case: InWin A1 Plus

InWin A1 Plus, a miniITX tower is a great choice for anyone looking to build a small-sized PC. This tower is also available in pink, making it an excellent addition to the collection. InWin A1 Plus, a premium miniITX-case with many great features, is available. The one-side panel is made of tempered glass, while the other panels are made of solid metal. The panels come with cutouts for the air vents at the sides and back. This should make it easy to overlook the fact that there are no vents at the front.

Although the InWin A1 Plus may be the most expensive of all cases in this collection, it also includes a built-in power source unit. This is in addition to two Sirius loop ASL120 fans, which are pre-installed inside this case. The fan mounted on the side is the one mounted on the back panel, while the other is mounted on the sides. Although there isn’t much space, it’s still manageable. This case has a limited radiator mounting option. We don’t recommend this case for high-end builds. A 120mm radiator can be installed on either the side or back of the panel. But that’s it.

Pre-installed, 650W PSU units are 80 Plus Gold rated. A 650W PSU unit should be sufficient, especially considering the size of the PC you will build in this small case. Pre-installed PSUs are easy to manage and make it easier for you to build your PC. Two GPU connectors (PCI E 6 + 2-pin), are included for high-end cards. This case can accommodate CPU coolers up to 160mm in height and GPUs up to 320mm in length. This is comparable to many other cases in this list so there are no complaints.

There are only two expansion slots available on the case so it may be difficult to install the latest chonky CPUs. The bottom of the case has a transparent stand. This allows for good airflow to the bottom of the chassis. The addition of a wireless charging port on the top of this particular case is an interesting feature. This charger is WPC Qi1.2 certified and can charge your phone or any other wireless device with a maximum of 10W power.

We think that the InWin A1 Plus miniITX case is a great choice. The majority of the problems we discussed about this case are the same for almost all miniITX cases. SFF builds are more difficult than regular ones. This is why we recommend this case only to enthusiasts. Click the link to find the best price on this case.

Alternate best mini-ITX PC Case: SilverStone SG13P

If you are looking for a mini-ITX build, the SilverStone SG13P may be a good option. You can also get this case in many different colours, including pink. The SilverStone SG12P has two front panels, unlike the InWin A1 Plus. For better airflow, you can choose a mesh panel or a more minimalistic panel. The mesh front panel will increase airflow and is recommended. An SFF case with good airflow will allow you to get the most out of your computer. If you are looking to build a less powerful PC with low noise, the solid front panel is not suitable.

We think the SilverStone SG13P is a great case. There are many vents all around the case, in addition to the mesh panel at the front. This will allow for good airflow, regardless of which front panel you choose. You’ll have limited space within the chassis for a mini-ITX computer case. The case can only accommodate an ITX motherboard so make sure you choose the right components.

SilverStone SG13P only allows you to install a single 120mm fan or a single 140mm fan at the front. Although you can add another fan, the space available for it will be limited. There are very few options for radiator mounting. The front panel can only accommodate a single 120mm radiator or a single 240mm radiator. The chassis has enough space for a 2.5′ or 3.5” drive. We recommend purchasing an SFX PSU to complete your build. The SFX PSU should fit easily into the case. You can also fit a CPU cooler up to 82mm high. This is a bit less than the other cases, but it’s commonplace for most SFF cases. SilverStone has not mentioned GPU clearance. However, we expect the case will be compatible with all available GPUs, except for the larger 3090.

We think that the SilverStone SG13P is a great case. We don’t recommend this variant for high-end builds due to its limited space. It is possible that you won’t be able to install proper cooling for a high performance build. The SilverStone SG13P is a great value for money. This is the cheapest case we have added to our collection, at $57. If you are looking for a pink mini-ITX case, the InWin A1 Plus is a good choice. If you don’t want to buy a pink case, there are many other options. Click the link to find the lowest price for this case.

Apevia Genesis Pro G-PRO-PK is the best RGB pink PC case 

The Apevia Genesis GPRO-PK case might be a good choice if you like an RGB light display inside your PC case. Although it has a strange name, the case is absolutely stunning. It’s also available in pink, making it an ideal addition to the collection. This case has tempered glass on the front and one side panel. The tempered glass allows you to see the internals of the chassis from both the sides and the RGB fans from front.

We love the six fans that are included with this PC case. This particular case includes six RGB fans that are pre-installed. They will help maintain the heat output. These RGB fans can be connected to either a controller or directly to the motherboard to control them all. Although the Apevia Genesis looks similar to the Corsair 4000D, the difference in price is quite significant.

There isn’t enough space for fans other than those already installed. However, you can still install radiators to cool the cooler. You can mount either a 360mm, 240mm, or 240mm radiator to the front of the case or a radiator to the top. This case can be used with an ATX, MATX or ITX motherboard. There is enough space for all radiators. To keep dust from getting into the internals, the top panel has mesh filters. The bottom compartment houses the PSU as well as the drives. Mount additional drives on the designated spots behind your motherboard tray to install them.

The Apevia Genesis case will fit a maximum length card up to 350mm. A CPU cooler can be installed with a maximum height of 160mm. You get seven expansion slots for your GPU just like any other case in the collection. However, there is no option to mount the GPU vertically. There are three USB ports on the front IO: one USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0. The power button is also included. The chassis has plenty of space and panels can be easily removed.

The Apevia Genesis GPRO-PK PC case is a good choice. This mid-tower case can be used for either a mid-range, or high-end computer. The case has all the features you need for a fully-fledged build. If you don’t need a tempered-glass front panel, the Vetroo A03PC case can be used. This particular case has a mesh front panel to improve airflow. This case also features subtle RGB lights. The cabinets are great and you can’t go wrong. They’re also great choices for anyone looking to purchase a pink case. To find the lowest price on this unit, click the link.

Final Thoughts: The best pink computer cases

There are a lot of reliable and decent pink cases for PCs on the market. The majority of the cases in this collection are very affordable. The Vetroo A03 is our favourite choice for anyone looking to build a decent, mid- to high-end computer. The mesh front panel allows for maximum airflow. If you prefer a tempered glass panel, the Apevia Pro case is also available. The Thermaltake T200 is another great option for high-performance computers, but it can be a bit difficult to use.

We would love to hear your opinions about this collection. Leave a comment below. If we have missed any pink-colored cases, please let us know. You might be interested in our selection of the top CPUs and motherboards for your next PC build. You can also visit our XDA Computing Forums to discuss your build and get product recommendations.


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