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GTA 5 is now available for PS5 and Xbox Series X

For $9.99 USD/PS8.75/14.99 AUD, PS5 users will be able +GTA 5+GTA online for the first three month after launch. It will be $19.99 USD/PS17.49/$29.97 AUD for Xbox. The game will be $39.99 USD starting June 15, and there are no upgrades. Here’s all you need to know about pre orders and how to get the next-gen GTA 5 right away.

How to Upgrade and Preload GTA 5 on Next Generation Consoles

Technically, GTA 5 is not available on new-generation consoles like the Xbox Series X or PS5. It currently costs $10 for a PS5 console, but $20 for a Xbox.

You can digitally order the new version of the game on the Microsoft and PlayStation Store. You can pre-load the game to your console once you have preordered. This will make it ready for another GTA 5 launch. Your console will prompt you to download the game immediately after you have purchased it. You can’t yet play the update, since it will officially be available March 15, 2022.

Get GTA 5 at $10 for the Best Deal!

PS5 gamers are receiving the best deal on GTA 5’s next generation upgrades. The game costs just $10. This is 75% off the price for three months starting on launch day. Pre-ordering the game is possible right away, giving you instant access to preload it. GTA Online is also available for free download on PS5 starting March 15, if you don’t wish to buy the full game.

Unfortunately, if you are on Xbox, I have bad news. The full GTA 5 package is $20, but if you only want to play GTA Online it will be $9.99 USD / PlayStation8.99 / 15.47 AUD. You can think of it as a brand new game that is immediately available for purchase (though this is an example, it’s not). GTA 5 is $39.99 but it’s on sale” (75% off for PS5 and 50% off for Xbox) until June 15. You can find our complete breakdown of the GTA5 new-gen pricing here.

Where can I pre order GTA 5 for PS5 or Xbox Series X?

The physical editions of the game will not be available until April. You’ll have to buy the digital version if you wish to play it on PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Preorders for each console’s storefront will not be possible. Below are the links to each listing. You can also visit the PS Store and Xbox Store if you are unable to purchase online.

Are you a GTA 5 owner on Xbox One or PS4?

GTA 5 will not be available as a free upgrade for Xbox One or PS4 users. The first three months of the game can be purchased at a discounted price (March 15 – May 15). However, this discount is available to everyone who has a new console and not only those who previously owned the game.

What’s new in the GTA 5 Next-Gen Version Version?

These new HTML5 and GTA Online launches will have up to 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, better texture qualities, HDR options, ray tracing, faster loading speeds, 3D audio, platform-specific functions, and many more.

Is it possible to transfer your GTA 5 progress from PS4 and Xbox One?

You will be able to transfer your Story Mode progress to your PS4 and Xbox One. This can be done by uploading a save to the Rockstar Games Social Club. You’ll also have the ability to migrate your GTA Online characters on March 15. Transferring progress will get you a fully-converted Karin S95 and Hao’s special work racing outfit, as well as a set of new Chameleon paints that can be used on all vehicles.

GTA 5 and GTA Online – PS5 and Xbox Series S Screenshots

Are You a GTA 5 Owner on Xbox One or PS4?

GTA 5 is not available as a free upgrade on Xbox One or PS4. However, the first three months can be purchased at a discount (March 15 – April 15). This discount is not available for those who have previously owned the game, but anyone who owns a new console.

What’s New in the GTA 5 Next Generation Version Version Version?

These new HTML5 or GTA Online launches have up to 4K resolution, 60 frames per second and better texture qualities. They also offer HDR options, Ray Tracing, faster loading speeds and 3D audio.


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