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Aura, Netgear and Nixplay offer their picks for digital photo frames 2022

We are happy to share our list of the best digital photo frames right now. Every type of connected frame has been tested, from simple screens to smart ones. No matter what size digital frame you need, we can help you find the right one for you.

What is the best digital frame you can buy right now? Our top pick is the Aura Mason Luxe. This frame is minimalist and sleek. It can also be freestanding. It is easy to position and use. You can see the best photos on the bright screen, while the partner app allows you to upload them.

You might be able to find a digital frame that better suits your needs. You might be able to find the right model for you from Nixplay.

A digital frame, which can be used as a hub to control and connect smart devices, might also interest you. You can connect to multiple services, stream media from YouTube and Spotify, as well as connect to smart devices. If this is the case, you might be interested the Google Nest Hub Max and Facebook Portal.

Digital photo frames come in many sizes, shapes, and styles. For a bright and shiny frame, the 2K Smart Digital Frame from Nixplay is a good choice. The Seed Wave, also by Nixplay, measures 13 inches.

Our guide is sure to suit any style preference. The Nixplay Nix Digital Photo Frame is 8 inches in size and very affordable. You will pay more for frames that offer additional features such as Wi Fi connectivity and cloud storage.

Below are some recommendations for digital photo frames to suit your needs. Are you unsure where to begin? These helpful buying tips will help you select the right frame.

These are the best digital photo frames available for 2022

The Aura Mason Luxe photo frames are a great choice. It’s stylish and features a unique design. It is excellent in every respect.

You can add colour to your photos with the 4:3 aspect display, but you also have the ability to see them closer. They are sharp and detailed, even when your face is up to the screen. You can be confident that the colour you see is true to your photos.

The Aura Mason Luxe has a social component. Invite your family and friends to send pictures to the frame. All members of the inner Aura circle are allowed to comment on and like the images. This creates a private social networking. The Mason Luxe photo frame is 10 inches in size, but the price is reasonable. The quality of the software and hardware make it well worth the investment.

Nixplay 2K Smart Digital camera Frame

The 2K Smart Digital Frame from Nixplay has the sharpest screens. This display is 2048×1536 pixels in resolution and can provide detailed images for many days. The display is vibrant, with vivid blacks and sufficient brightness to rival its reflective coating.

This display measures 9.7 inches, making it a great middle ground. The flexible stand can be used in portrait or landscape orientation. The Smart Digital Photo Frame can fit on almost any shelf. The Smart Digital Photo Frame is large enough to hold images, but it can also be used on shelves. Wall mounting is easy. 

Like other Nixplay frames the settings menu offers many customization options. These options include colour adjustments, transitions and sleep timesrs as well as motion sensor sensitivity and sensitivity. You can control the frame using the app’s virtual copy or the remote. The frame is responsive and intuitive. However, the text might sometimes seem a little small due to its high resolution.

It’s easy to import photos from the partner application. Multiple playlists can easily be created and populated with photos taken with your phone. To create intelligent albums, you can sync with Google Photos. You can also easily connect with friends to receive photos and assign them in your frame.

Last note: The matte black frame’s bezel is large but understated. However, the metal-effect version is too reflective and attracts fingerprints. This makes it difficult to use what is otherwise a powerful Wi Fi frame.

Facebook Portal

Although Facebook’s social media screen can be used to call family and friends, it can also serve as a digital frame for photos. It has clean lines and a high-quality finish. It is a perfect fit for modern shelves provided there is sufficient space for the supporting leg. The stand can be used to prop the Portal up in portrait or landscape mode. The stand measures 12 cm high and has a power cable that exits at the end. It cannot be placed flush against your wall.

Bright and responsive, the 10-inch front display is 10 inches. It has excellent colour reproduction and detail. The panel is reflective but has enough brightness to counter glare. This drops if viewed at a 45-degree angle.

It’s simple to set up and the partner app is sleek. You can search photos from your smartphone, Instagram or Facebook. You can then sort them into albums which can be individually enabled.

You cannot modify the Superframe slideshow in any way. The slide’s length cannot be changed. The sleep time cannot be extended beyond an hour. After 60 minutes, the Portal’s sensor will not detect motion. The Portal will automatically go to sleep. It will not be able to move if it is on a shelf or in a corner that isn’t accessible for movement.

You will need a Facebook account or WhatsApp account to activate the Portal. You can still use Alexa, Spotify and other family apps.

Nixplay Nix Digital frame 8-inch

Nixplay’s 8-inch digital frame is small and inexpensive. It’s also packed with features.

From the front, it looks almost like a traditional picture frame. The plastic construction is not extravagant, but the unique rippled back design and bevelled bezel give it a premium feel. It can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode by using an adjustable stand. Mount the display on the wall by taking it out.

Although the 8-inch screen is smaller than others, it still displays landscape photos at a size similar to standard prints. It can fit on most shelves. The panel is capable of reproducing decent colours, but it has less detail and contrast than frames that have the same resolution (1280×800).

Reflections are not an issue despite the matte finish. You can adjust the brightness and contrast settings. You can adjust the intervals, transitions and sleep settings through the settings menus.

The downside is a user interface that feels more like an file browser. The infrared remote works well, and navigation of images on an SD card or USB stick is easy. However, it’s not as intuitive as other interfaces. Scrolling through thumbnails can feel slow. It is an acceptable compromise for a budget-friendly frame.

Aura Carver

The modern Aura Carver, a bigger brother to the Mason, is now available. The Mason’s modern Carver is sleeker and more premium than the Mason, but it packs a larger landscape display with higher resolution.

The sharp, sharp screen measures 10.2 inches. It allows photos to shine. The photos are vibrant and show the same level detail, saturation, depth and color as the Mason. Despite being triangular in shape, the viewing angles are excellent and adaptive brightness brings out the best images.

The frame surrounding the screen appears to be surrounded by a minimalist bezel. Its minimalist design is elegant and simple. The mirror is located at the back, where a textured shell supports Carver’s style. This model cannot be rotated to change its landscape orientation. This is a serious drawback.

The Carver is stunning as a landscape frame. The Carver’s trick is to display two portrait photographs side-by-side. Aura’s Intelligent Photo Pairing software powers this simple, but striking solution. It uses AI to match photos in similar ways – sometimes in surprising ways.

The Carver has the same minimalist interface as the Mason, so you don’t have many options to adjust. You cannot adjust the brightness or alter the color settings manually. Although you can give up control, the interface is intuitive and allows you to upload albums, choose favourites, invite contributors, and more. The slideshow slideshow can be navigated using a touch bar at its top.

Netgear Mural Wi-Fi

The Netgear Menstrual doesn’t look like any other digital frame. Although it is quite costly by industry standards, the Netgear Menstrual is the entry-level model in the Netgear range of art displays. They can be scaled up to 21.5 inches.

This 15.6-inch photo frame can be used to orientate your photos in portrait or landscape. This large canvas can be used for your photos. You can access a large library of paintings and other art through the Meural app. These apps can bring culture into your home. You will need to subscribe in order access all content. However, there are some options that you can use without a subscription.

The matte display can display art in a unique manner that’s not just like a tablet screen or smart phone. Although it has a poor colour depth, a panel with more pixels is better than a 1080p panel. This is important if you want to really look at your photos, and not just enhance a room with them.

Google Nest Hub Max

Nest Hub Max is a hub for smart devices and a portal to Google Assistant. It can also be used as a digital frame. It is a 10-inch tablet attached to a fabric-skinned speaker. Nest hub max is a compact, freestanding package with a small footprint.

Fixed stand displays cannot be adjusted beyond their default upward tilt. If the frame is placed on a shelf higher than it will be adjusted, this can cause problems. If you have a reflective panel, however, viewing angles can be good with high saturation and lots brightness.

The touchscreen resolution is 1280×800. It retains excellent detail and is free from visible pixelation. It is easy to control Nest Hub Max. You can swipe between images, tap on the pop-up controls to hide, star or share them, and you can also use voice commands to make the same actions with voice commands.

Nest Hub Max supports full-screen clocks, art backgrounds, and a selection of Google Photos. Nest Hub Max supports Live Albums. You can display portrait photos split-screen. You can also overlay weather and image data overlays. The slideshow order can’t be changed manually. Only Google Photos is supported by the Nest Hub Max. It is a great choice for those who have already invested in the cloud backup services of the company.

Nixplay Seed Wave

The Nixplay Seed Wave makes a great centrepiece display. It measures 13 inches and has plenty of screen space. Due to its large dimensions, however, many images will need to be cropped or bordered with white.

Full HD resolution may be superior to other options but it doesn’t mean that pixels are distributed over a larger area. This means that photos can appear flat or lackluster, even though they are filled with vibrant colours.

A matte finish is a great choice because it blocks glare and provides good viewing angles. It has a sturdy, thick plastic edge. If you turn the frame around, you’ll see two mesh elements that house the 5W speakers. These speakers are powerful and flexible. They also support Spotify and 15 second videos.

Flexible: The stand can be bent with the rubber base to support the Seed Wave.

You can add photos to the Nixplay app. You can upload multiple photos to different playlists with the Nixplay app. The app allows you to adjust many options, such as transitions and sleep times. A remote control for infrared is also available. Both are useful additions to a rather heavy, but still large frame.

How to select the right digital frame

It will be put wherever you want it to.

Most digital photo frames include a stand. However, not all of them can be mounted to the wall. Some are only compatible with portrait orientation, while others can be used in landscape or portrait modes. It is important that you consider where and how the frame will fit into your decor.

What screen size do you prefer?

Screen sizes can range from 8 to 13 inches. It is easier to place smaller frames and they can sometimes be sharper. Although larger displays can hold more photos, they will not always have a higher resolution. A Full HD HD HD 9-inch display is the best size.

How can you add images?

Many digital photo frames include cloud storage as a key feature. Upload photos from multiple devices to the cloud and save them. These frames can also be integrated with social media. You might also consider using a USB input card or memory card if your images are on a hard disk.

Which level of control do your requirements?

Some digital photo frames are easy to use. Others allow you to adjust everything, from brightness to sleep time. It is important to check the settings that a frame offers, especially if you are interested in slideshow transitions and color balance.

How smart can it be?

The top digital photo frames in 2021 will have more than passive panels. These frames will be equipped with fully-fledged smart screens. These devices will be able to control voice, stream media and integrate with smart homes. This functionality could be necessary depending on the other devices in your home.

What size is best to use for digital photos?

Digital photo frames come in many sizes. The best size for you will depend on your space and personal preferences. While smaller digital photo frames are more compact, they can still be stored in smaller spaces and allow for more digital images. Larger photo frames can make your photos shine but they take up more space and can become overwhelming in a small room.

There are digital photo frames with screens as small as 5inches. We recommend 8in. Nixplay Nix Digital Photo Frame (8 inch) is compact and can be easily placed anywhere. You can also see your images clearly on the screen thanks to its ample space. If the frame is too small, you risk losing your photos.

The largest digital photo frames are equipped with displays that can rival any laptop. The Nixplay Seed Wave comes with a 13-inch panel. Although it puts your photos in the forefront, it isn’t subtle. It can look like a small television, and blends into the background less. Your shots will be still unmissable.

Between 9 and 10 is the best size for digital photo frames. Aura Carver models, Google Nest Hub Max and Facebook Portal all have screens measuring around 10 inches. The minimalist Aura Maison Luxe digital frame is our favourite right now. It has a 9.7-inch display. These screens offer great flexibility and visibility. This display size will offer better pixel density which can increase clarity and sharpness.

How to test digital frames


Digital photo frames are unique and can have many features that you can test. To ensure that each frame is recommended, it was tested in various situations.

We place each digital frame in different viewing environments to assess its brightness and sharpness. These situations will usually include a dark area, a sunny spot, and a well-lit place. We evaluate the accuracy of colour reproduction, clarity, and viewing angles for each frame by using identical photos. We also examine the proportions of each display and whether cropping could cause digital images of standard sizes to be distorted.

To make it more user-friendly, we add images to each frame. We will do this in any way that the frame supports. We will also evaluate the ease of uploading images via both an app or memory card. We will explore the settings menus of frames to understand how they work and what settings can be customized. First, we will look at the most requested options such as color adjustment sliders and customizable slideshow intervals.

We also examine the frame’s design in many ways. To test how easy it is to assemble and switch between different mounting options, we test every possible orientation. We examine the footprint and dimensions of each frame after placing it in different locations (e.g., on a desk, shelf, or wall). We examine each frame to see if its dimensions, shape and angle are suitable for placement and arrangement.


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