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Trinidad Valentin: Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Height, Career, Net Worth, Boyfriend, and More

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  • Who’s Trinidad Valentin?
  • Valentin Personal Information and Life:
  • Trinidad Valentin Height and weight :
  • Trinidad Valentin Wiki :
  • Trinidad Valentin Family :
  • Trinidad Valentin Education :
  • Trinidad Valentin Work life and Career :
  • Trinidad Valentin Boyfriends, and Marital Status :
  • Trinidad Valentin Salary and Net Worth :
  • Trinidad Valentin Photos/Images/Pictures :
  • FAQs about Trinidad Valentin :
  • Conclusion :

Trinidad Valentin: Who are you?

Trinidad Valentinis, an American public figure, is

Trinidad Valentin Photo

Valentin Personal Life and Information

Trinidad Valentine is a child of America and was born in 1996.

She’s a Cancer sign and practices Christianity. She doesn’t share much about her family.

Trinidad Valentin Photo

Trinidad Valentin Height and weight :

She stands 5′ 7″, which is 170cm.

Trinidad Valentin Wiki :

Name: Trinidad Valentin
Nickname: Trinidad
Year Of Birth: 1976
Age in 2021 44 years
Birthplace: United States of America
Hometown: California’s Central Valley, USA
Nationality: American
Height (approximately). 1.70m/ 170cm / 5ft 7inches in feet measuring scale.
Weight (approx. ): Kg = 59kg 130 lbs = lbs
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Eye color Dark brown
Ethnicity: Filipino – Chinese
Hair color: Dark brown
Religion: Christianity
Status in a Relationship: Married
Partners: Johnny Harper
Children: 3 (Maya Milan, Sawetie, and Maya)
Siblings: Six

Trinidad Valentin Family :

Trinidad Valentin Photo

Trinidad Valentin was a child of her family in Central Valley, California.

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Sawetie is most well-known as Sweetie’s mom. Sweetie was just a teenager then. This is the most interesting fact about Sweetie’s life.

Trinidad had Sweetie raised in California’s Central Valley. Trinidad didn’t have the experience or development necessary to raise a child.


Sweetie was sent by Valentin to Tracy at Merrill F. West High School.

Saweties’s Video

Interestingly Sweetie received an RIAA Platinum affirmation for Icy Girl.

Sawetie used to be a young model for music videos. She learned more about her mother through a scene on The Icy Life 2020.

Trinidad Valentin Education :

There is not much information online about Trinidad’s education. Sweetie, Trinidad.

Trinidad Valentin Career and Work Life

Trinidad Valentin was an American Model. When she was in her teens, she was a webmodel.

Trinidad is well known for her personal work. Valentin fell in love with Sweetie in 2017.

Trinidad Valentin Boyfriends, Marital Status

Trinidad Valentin Photo

Although little information is available on Trinidad’s private life it is obvious that she was married. After Sawetie, she had twins Maya & Milan.

They have five happy children. Harper stated that he was proud of his children and that Sweetie has all her success.

Trinidad Valentin Salary & Net Worth –

Trinidad Valentin was an ex-American model. The main reason for her success is her music and ex-footballer husband’s income.

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Trinidad Valentin Photos/Images/Pictures :

Trinidad Valentin DaughterTrinidad Valentin Photo

Trinidad Valentin Photo

  • Saweeties Instagram Link : https://www.instagram.com/saweetie/
  • Saweeties Twitter LInk : https://twitter.com/Saweetie

FAQs about Trinidad Valentin :

Is Trinidad Valentin Filipino?

It’s a great honour to have been born in a traditional Filipino household. Trinidad Valentin was a Filipino-Chinese mom and Johnny Harper was an African-American father.

How much is sweeties worth?

Saweetie is worth $4 million.

Where is Saweetie located?

Valentin Harper was a Filipina-Chinese and an African American. He was born July 2, 1993 in Santa Clara, Trinidad.

How tall is your sweetie

Saweetie is 1.7m tall.

Was Saweetie actually called?

She was born Diamante Quiava Valentin Harper, or Sweetie. Her grandmother used to call her that name as a child.

Who discovered Saweetie?

Sawetie quickly became her present-day self after the song was released. Sawetie impressed Warner Bros. Music and signed a major label agreement with Warner Bros. Music.

What’s Sweetie’s age?

Sawetie is 28 years old. (2/7/1993).

Who are sweetie parents?

Trinidad Valentin is an ex model and former director of video. She was also the mother of Icy Girl rapper Icy Girl. Johnny Harper was Maya’s father. Milan is Maya’s younger brother.

Is Saweetie a twin?

Saweetie, Maya and Milan’s younger twin sisters, are

Did Justin Combs date Saweetie?

Sweetie was an undergraduate at University of Southern California. They began dating Justin Combs in summer 2016. It is unknown how long they were together or which party confirmed their split.


Trinidad Valentin was the first American model. She was a webmodel in her teens and appeared on music videos such as Nelly’s Ride Wit Me and DMX’s.

Sweetie was Trinidad’s mother. She is proud to be called Sawetie’s mom.

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