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Creating a custom Xbox One Controller skin template

The Xbox One console from Microsoft is a powerful machine. This console is not only the best for first-person shooter gaming, but it also features an audio visual media centre that allows you to easily watch TV shows and movies. One thing that Xbox One does not have is customization. This article will demonstrate how to create your own custom skin template for your Xbox one controller, so you can personalise it as you wish.

What’s a controller template?

A controller template is a template that was created by the game’s developers. If you want to create a Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 skin template, you can find the controller template of that game on its website. It’s easy. Print the image, glue it to your controller and you are done.

Creating a custom controller template

Adobe Illustrator is the vector program you will need. To ensure you can easily import your template into another software, I recommend that you use the most recent version of Illustrator.

After you have opened the program, open a new document. Set your resolution to 200 dots per inch.

If you don’t already have one, then download the Xbox One controller templates from Microsoft.

Choose the colour scheme that you would like for your skin and decide what design elements will be important to represent your brand or logo.

Create a new layer and begin drawing shapes in order to make your skin design. If you want a black-and-green design, for example, draw a leaf shape with leaves in green and then add black circles to it. Continue this process until you have all the necessary shapes for your skin drawn on separate layers.

After you have drawn all the shapes, select them all and click Object>Group in the top menu bar. This will group them together instead of making each selection. Create a new layer above the grouping of shapes you created in step 2, but below any existing layers. Don’t do anything to this layer yet. Select Object>Clone in the top menu bar of Illustrator to create an identical copy of all shapes on the new layer. Then, go back to step 3.

What materials do you need to make a controller’s skin?

You will need a scanner, vector graphic software, and a printer to create this controller skin.

You will need to scan your Xbox One Controller before you can get started. It doesn’t matter if the shape or condition of your controller is current. The scan is all you need to use the graphics software for creating a vector graphic. When designing your custom skin template, it is important to take note of the colour scheme as well as any large shapes like buttons and joysticks.

Your customised Xbox One Controller.

What you’ll need:

  • High quality photos of your Xbox One controller
  • Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop are two examples of a drawing program.
  • A photo editing software such as Paint.net or Gimp

First create a high-resolution image of your controller in order to create a skin template. The image must be at least 2000×2000 pixels in size. It may be difficult for you to get the results you desire if you don’t have enough quality space.


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