HometechnologyWhat is Luivi? The new social media platform everyone is talking about 

What is Luivi? The new social media platform everyone is talking about 

Luive is billed as a premium social media platform that aims to connect fans with influencers, models, and celebrities, allowing fans to connect across multiple mediums like the chat rooms with to stay in touch with their favorite stars. Personalized features such as video calls. This platform is the only social application that allows creators, influencers, professionals and artists to directly monetize their content. 

With  this app you can support your favorite content creators by helping them develop their passion for creating unique content like never before by combining many other features like level up and achievements. This app is designed to provide users with personalized access to online celebrities, verified content and microtransactions.

Ad-Free Service 

Luive is an ad-free service that empowers  talented creators like influencers, artists, gamers, entrepreneurs, cosplayers, bloggers, writers, dancers, fitness professionals, and more through subscriptions, one-time purchases, and payments – per view/minute in the Local currency of the site: LUIVES. 

According to Vlad Bratila, Founder and CEO of Luive’s parent company, International Social Media LLC: 

Luive was designed to rival social media platforms like Facebook in terms of architecture, shared content, viral posts, likes, comments and directness to be very similar to News, Stories and Feed View, except our service has just been customized to make you money. Luive lets you monetize anything and monetize your social media posts, stories, conversations, shows and more. Luive -Creators can post without ridiculous restrictions; It’s a free social network for artists to create engaging content.” 

If you’re a verified user of the platform, you can seamlessly nurture your talent by searching for SEO-optimized and engine-optimized profiles that include both free as well as paid exclusive content, and your subscribers can find unique collectibles.Within this platform, each verified user can set up daily or monthly subscriptions for 24-hour or 30-day access and receive freebies through the platform’s messengers, live streams, and video calls. 

In addition, the platform  offers gamification features like leveling and achievements, social networking features, fully customizable UX and UI  and monetization tools, a referral system that offers lifetime 5% passive income on purchases and earnings, moderation content Management, Live Chat support team and an instant account verification system to eliminate ghost accounts, trolling, bullying, harassment and identity theft. 

In short, this social media platform works like a typical social media site, with many similar and new features that together set it apart from the competition.

What are the different characteristics of Luive? 

Luive lets you  express yourself by creating engaging content for users. 

Made  a wave 

You can make a wave. They are the key to monetizing social media posts. So what is a wave? A wave is a photo, video, or text you post on your profile. Share 

Story In addition to creating and publishing stories, you can also share a story and charge a custom  price for viewing each uploaded 24-hour story. It’s a way to make money from content of any kind. You can also set the price per minute for live calls. Luive helps you make money through influence and knowledge.

Monetizing digital content  has never been a  social media concept. This privilege was only available to a few until this platform came along. Now you can monetize your social media like never before with Luive’s monetization features. This platform offers everyone the opportunity to use their skills to make money online regardless of their interests. 

Benefit from subscription access 

Luive offers its users different types of subscriptions.

Daily Subscription 

verified users can set the price of the daily subscription, allowing other users to unlock the paid wave and make calls.

Monthly Subscription 

verified users can set monthly subscription prices that allow other users to unlock  paid waves and make calls for 30 days. 

Paid Stories 

Luive allows verified users to save and download free or paid stories in the form of photos and videos.

Send and Receive Suggestions 

In addition to monetizing your content, you can send and receive suggestions using the app’s messaging system or live streaming or video calls. 

Collector’s Content 

buyers can save their content as collectibles on the platform and access it at any time by ordering it in “My Collection”. The only limitation is that you are not granted any right to download, copy or use any content outside of the platform. This feature ensures  the security of your content. 

Earn Passive Income 

You can share your referral link with your friends, family, colleagues or external social  networks to generate passive income.With this one you also get a lifetime  bonus of 5% on referral purchases or withdrawals. 

Luive is committed to empowering creators and communities. Instead of separating communities, the platform brings them together. Whatever your passion, you can be a part of it. 

The possibilities are endless on this social media platform.If you have skills and want  to turn them into paid content, a live service or a profitable business, Luive is the app for you. Every user of this platform has the opportunity to become a creator and a supporter. In these difficult times, when solidarity is more important than anything else, it’s a good time to be  part of a platform that connects everyone to everyone and forever. Make the most of its tools to sell content while showing love.

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