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What to Wear to a Music Festival This Summer

Music festivals are popular during the summer months. From Coachella to smaller, local music festivals, there are lots of options for every music genre out there. Whether you’re attending your first festival or your tenth, you might be wondering what you should wear. With so many options, it’s tough to decide. Here are some ideas on what you should wear to a music festival this summer!

Focus on Practicality

Summer temperatures can be deadly. Increased temperatures during the summer months have actually led to more heat related illnesses across the U.S. For festival goers, that means practicality is a much higher priority for clothing than anything else. While it might be tempting to wear that cropped turtleneck with a pair of thick cargo pants, you run the risk of heat exhaustion or — worse — heat stroke. Do yourself a huge favor and focus on ways you can make your looks more practical yet still cute. Ditch the pricey metal jewelry, which can also lead to bacterial outbreaks on your skin from rubbing and sweat, and instead focus on alternatives such as fashionable silicone rings.

Practical clothes don’t have to be boring. There are lots of clothes out there that are lightweight and repel sunlight. Lighter colors, such as white, yellow and even pink, are great choices for clothes to wear to music festivals during the summer season. There are also shades of blue and green that are perfect for festivals of all genres and all locations. Festivals are typically outside, in large fields or areas where there’s minimal buildings. Brighter colors allow you to stand out in the crowd. So, if getting spotted by influencers or being easily found by friends you attend with is your goal, then bright colors is a no-brainer.

Sparkle in the Sunlight

One of the hallmarks of music festival fashion is in the shine and sparkle. From sequins to glitter, there are often so many sparkles that it can seem blinding. If you aren’t sure how to accessorize or make your outfit stand out, always go for the bling. Even if it’s shiny fringe on a tank top, there are lots of clothes that will look great outside in the sunlight.

You can even make your own clothes! That’s right — giving your own clothes some sparkle and shine is a great option for music festivals this summer. Whether you hot glue rhinestones, sew on some sparkling tassels or you accessorize with lots of bling, you can create an amazing ensemble to show off during all the festivals you attend this year.

Comfortable Shoes Are a Must

You can’t go wrong with a pair of comfortable shoes at music festivals this year. Instead of worrying about blisters, bunions or even tearing ligaments because you wore stilettos to an outdoor venue, a pair of comfortable shoes will really go a long way in making your summer music festival experience better. You’ll find that music festivals often require a lot of walking. The stages are typically spaced out pretty far, with merchandise tents and food vendors between them. If you find that you have to travel between stages a lot, then comfortable shoes will keep your feet from aching. No-tie laces are a great workout accessory that can double as festival wear. You won’t have to worry about your shoes coming untied while you walk throughout the festival!

Think Layers

Music festivals typically have a schedule that goes from morning till night. Plus, the music isn’t the only part of the event. There are lots of other performers, games and vendors you can see and interact with at a music festival. There might be booths or tents you can go in that will have fans or other equipment to make it cooler. Depending on the location of the festival, it might get really cold when the sun goes down. That’s why it’s so important to have lots of layers available to wear while at a music festival. From flannels to sweaters, there are lots of things you can wear that will allow you to look cute but still comfortable no matter the temperature outside.

Hair and Makeup Ideas for Music Festivals

If you’re someone who’s paid attention to what influencers wear to music festivals, you might have noticed their hair and makeup is distinct and trendy. Here are some ideas for your hair and makeup at a music festival this summer!

  • Space Buns: This ’90s hairstyle is back in style! With so many ways you can style it, space buns are a fun hairstyle that’s perfect for music festivals. If you have long hair, you can style them half up and half down, or you can wind some braids around them for a more intricate look. For shorter styles, small space buns with lots of pieces sticking out will make a great textured look.
  • Glitter Winged Eyeliner: Go bold with some glitter eyeliner at music festivals this year! Take it up a notch by making it winged instead of just across your lash line. Try out a different color each day, or find one that goes with all your outfits to create a signature look. If you can’t find pre-mixed glitter eyeliner, you can always use regular liquid liner and then add some glitter makeup on top. Just make sure to let the liquid liner dry first!
  • French Braids: With the weather being so warm, French braids are the perfect music festival hairstyle. You can create intricate braids using more than three strands, or keep it simple with two braids going down your head. Just make sure you put SPF in your part and on the back of your neck! There’s nothing worse than getting a sunburn on your head.

Music festivals are so much fun. Since they’re usually in the summer, it can be tough to find the right clothes. By focusing on wearing layers in light colors and keeping your style practical, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your summer music festival season!


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