HometechnologyPep Guardiola: It's hard to find a better club than Man City 

Pep Guardiola: It’s hard to find a better club than Man City 

Since taking over  City in 2016, Guardiola has won four Premier League titles.  Pep Guardiola is in the final year of his contract with Manchester City and  says he is unlikely to find a better club to manage.  Since taking control of City in 2016, Guardiola has won nine trophies, including four Premier League titles. 

“Stay somewhere else for seven years? No, I don’t think so.It’s hard to find what I have here as a coach,” Guardiola said on Friday. 

“To be a coach for a long time, you need support like that. The results help a lot, that’s undeniable. World they fired you they fired we know  

“But in big clubs part of the manager’s success  is the president, especially the sporting director, the general managers and all the people here.

“This goes to the media, the fans and the players. There is stability. That’s why I think it can only happen in a few clubs. 

Silent on City’s future 

Guardiola didn’t reveal much in his speech at City’s press conference and it remains to be seen if he will extend his stay at Manchester. 

Has been linked with a move into international football, including winning the Brazil national team.

“I’ve said several times that I won’t talk about it. Everything is under control, it’s perfect, the decision will be made  with the club if necessary.” 

“If we have time, if we feel it from both sides, we’ll make a decision.” Winning more trophies would be not the main reason he wants to be the current Premier League champion.It’s not that you always win, or that you’re always happy, or that things always turn out the way you think. 

“It’s not about being successful after six or seven years, it’s about feeling comfortable here.” 

City, currently second in the Premier League, lost their last game before the World Cup at home to Brentford on Saturday.


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