HomeshoppingIs Levinejewerlry Com (2022) legit or a scam? 

Is Levinejewerlry Com (2022) legit or a scam? 

What is Levinejewerlry Com? 

Levinejewerlry Com: William Levine became interested and started a diamond business which he ran from 1938. 

During the Great Depression, William Levine’s father-in-law got him to run this diamond jewelry business for his previous business, which he ran in New York. After his studies and his passion for the job, he went to Chicago to start racing and to fulfill his dreams for this job.

With the courageous decision to start his own business, he moved  to Chicago with  his entire family. At that time, there were very few diamond dealers  in Chicago. 


William began traveling by train and boat to Belgium, Israel and New York to collect  new collections and high quality diamonds to bring to the New West. 

A New Beginning 

By the end of World War II  it was already William’s extensive diamond collection – and he changed the company name to William Levine Inc. and presented an exclusive diamond collection.

After starting this business, William’s eldest son, Carl, joined the business after graduating from the University of Illinois in 1958. His business began to prosper  in the years that followed. And  later William’s eldest son David got into this business. 

A New Dimension 

After David joined the company, the company saw a new face when the company introduced a new division consisting of fine and diamond-set jewelry. The company then founded was William Levine Fine Jewels and as such can be found online.

Levinejewerlry Com Collection 

Most of the  Levinejewerlry Com collection consists of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and in particular three stone rings with a variety of diamonds and rubies, emeralds and sapphires. The motifs are also available in platinum and gold, from off-white to yellow. 

The collection is best known for its beautifully worked diamonds and is also available as loose diamonds. Today, David Levine is  President of William Levine Inc. serving a variety of client needs. 


jewelry repairs will be carried out – in the event of  damage or a dispute.We also make custom jewelry. Your service also includes  gift wrapping. Each order can be packed in a very special way. You can gift it to someone or keep it in this gift box. 

jewelry cleaning and inspection services  are also carried out, let’s say you wish to clean and inspect your jewelry to determine if any alterations or repairs need to be made.

You can also engrave something  on your jewelry, for example the name of a loved one,  the name of an event or similar. That’s called adaptation. Various services are  available at William Levin Inc or  Levine Jewelry Collection stores. The service of selling diamonds by the customer is also available. 

Go to this link and take a look at their collections,  you can also sort by category in which category you want to choose for yourself or a loved one.

You can order your exclusive product by going to the contact option at the bottom of the page. You can call them directly  or send an email to the email address given there. 

Different Types of Diamond Jewelery Available 

Levine jewelery comes in several varieties. Like rose cut diamond jewelry, blue sapphire diamond, cut diamond bracelets, briolette diamond necklaces. Diamonds come in different colors: white, black, pink, duo or yellow.

Just visit their Levinejewerlry Com and select the options you want and order as per your choice and price. 

A Team Promise The team at 

Jewelry promises durable and reliable designers  with great designs and  good warranty. 

They strive to maintain  ecological balance by using energy saving light bulbs, limiting water consumption, using recycled paper, etc. 

Their privacy policy also states that they do not sell their customers’ names or information anywhere in the world. Everything stays confidential.


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