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How did Lousa Babi become one of the hottest stars on the internet? 

Lousa Babi is an internet celebrity who has quickly gained fans with her hilarious and relatable videos. In this article, we look at the steps that led to Lousa Babi’s success as an internet celebrity and share some tips for the budding online celebrity. 


Lousa Babi was born in 1978 in a small town in northwestern Tunisia. When she was only 11 years old, her family moved to Tunis and she started working as a secretary.

In 1999, Lousa decided to fulfill her dream of becoming a singer and auditioned for several music programs. Eventually he got the role of the lead singer of the band La Bouche, which became one of the most popular bands in Tunisia. 

Lousa’s song “Aziza” became an international hit and  toured  Europe and North America. In 2011, Lousa released her first solo album and continued touring around the world. 

Lousa Babi is  one of the most popular internet celebrities right now with over 25 million followers on Instagram and over 100 million views of her videos on YouTube.He has also written several books including the autobiography Les Mots et les Choses which was published in French in 2018 and is currently being translated into English. 

How Lousa Babi became famous 

Lousa Babi was a famous French singer and actress of the 1920s who first gained popularity on the vaudeville stage and began recording music in 1923. His debut album Symphonic Variations (1924) was a smash hit and he quickly became one of the most popular internet stars of all time. 

Babi died obscurely in 1953, but his music and legacy remain loved decades after his death.His recordings continue to be sold online and his fans continue to create tribute videos and remixes of his songs. 

Lessons Learned 

Looking back, Lousa Babi would say that the experience of becoming an internet celebrity was one of the most rewarding and challenging things she has ever done. The Romanian-born model, actress and singer rose to fame on Instagram in early 2016 when she started posting photos of herself with famous American musicians like Chance The Rapper and Big Sean. Babi’s striking looks and hilarious interactions with  fans quickly made her one of the most popular  celebrities on the internet.

While the experience was certainly rewarding, it also had its share of challenges. First, social media is notoriously fickle — people can be instantly turned away from anything they don’t agree with. Secondly, there’s always a risk of something going wrong: Babi has faced numerous incidents of cyberbullying  during and since her rise to fame. But despite all the odds, says Babi, it was all worth it in the end. “I wouldn’t trade it for anything else,” she says.”It was an amazing experience. 

What you should do if you want to be like Lousa Babi 

  • If you want to be like Lousa Babi, here are some tips: 
  • Start  writing your own blog and share your thoughts and experiences to share 
  • Be yourself – no one is  like Lousa Babi so don’t try to emulate her style or personality too much 

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