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Mysterious Stone Balls around the World

In the 1940’s a massive land-clearance operation for the planting of banana fieldsin Southern Costa Rica revealed, 398 perfectly spherical granite stone balls, varying in size up to 25 tons just15 feet below the surface.

In Western Mexico, 250 spherical stone balls made from volcanic rock were discovered at the top of a hill, near the town of Ahualco. The largest is around 30 tons.

On the Pacific Island of Isla Del Cano several smaller stone balls made from Cocina (a type of sandstone) were found.In South Western Egypt, there are a dozen multi-ton Limestone balls.Stone balls have also been discovered in Slovakia, Serbia, Turkey, New Zealand, Tunisia and Argentina.

The largest stone ball to be discovered so far is in central Bosnia-Herzegovina, near the town of Zavidovici. It was discovered by the ‘’Archeological park Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun’’ Foundation team led by its director, Dr Sam Osmanagich.

‘’We have discovered stone balls in 20 different locations in Bosnia-Herzegovina and are the only institution in the world to have systematically investigated this pre-historical phenomena.  The balls were made from four different materials: Granite, Sandstone, Limestone and Volcanic Rock.The largest stone ball appears to be perfectly spherical, having a mass of 37,125 tons or 81,675 lbsand a high content of Iron Oxide. Since there are no written records, it is unknown who made these unusual structures. We hope to find more of these spheres as our investigation progresses.’’

Dr Sam Osmanagich holds a PhD in Mayan Studies, has been investigating megalithic and pyramid sites around the world for 40 years.He is the author of 18 books about ancient civilizations and is an internationally acclaimed speaker.

Dr Sam Osmanagich in Palmar Sur, Costa Rica, by the granite stone sphere. Source: www.bosnianpyramid.org 

Dr Sam Osmanagich in western Mexico, investigating volcanic balls. Source: www.bosnianpyramid.org 

Dr Sam Osmanagich by the largest stone sphere in the World in the town of Zavidovici, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Source: www.bosnianpyramid.org

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