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What Are The Best Los Angeles Staffing Agencies To Work With?

Reduce your risk of hiring an unsuccessful or wrong fit for your business and contact the top-rated Los Angeles staffing agencies. It doesn’t matter whether you have no time for interviewing or hiring staff or you have no experience how to select the best employees out of bulk. Moreover, if you are a beginner graduate and looking for local or remote job opportunities to show your talent, staffing agencies can benefit you.

However, how would you know what are the best Los Angeles staffing agencies?

There are tons of LA staffing, recruiting, executive search, and temporary staffing agencies that are available and claim to be the best. So, in order to choose the one to continue your work with, go through the countdown of the successful and award-winning staffing agencies that can help you to take your decision.

What Are The Best Los Angeles Staffing Agencies?

We have filtered hundreds of Los Angeles staffing agencies while taking into account their official presence in the market, certifications, client experience, variety of opportunities available, and reviews. We have found the following big names in the business market of Los Angeles, California.

Scion Staffing

Scion staffing is one of the great Los Angeles temporary agencies that you can choose to look forward to a bright future. It specializes in staffing, recruitment, and executive search to serve various clients and job seekers in a variety of fields and marketing areas.

People have satisfactory,long-term,and communicative experience with scion staffing in the area of operations, accounting and finance, marketing and communications, talent acquisition, Information technology, and administration.

You can secure directhiring, temporary staffing, contract-to-hire candidates, and executive search needs by requesting the whole staff or members to add to your work team.

Mondo Staffing

Mondo staffing agency is one of the well-known, award-winning, and qualified working companies inLos Angeles and also having their offices in other countries and states. It provides top-notch talent to great trustworthy organizations for two decades of success.

We have placed mondo staffing agency on the top for its successful years of experience, reviews, and ratings of the potential customers, and the most skillful staff of experts. Mondo is working hard to meet the right fit for the right place in the areas of tech, marketing, and freelancing. So, contact the professionals of the mondo staffing agency for either hiring potential staff members or finding job opportunities to work with giant organizations.


Aquent provides temporary staffing help to business organizations to stay competitive in the marketplace. So, it’s one of the great known Los Angeles temporary agencies that specialize in matching new talent with the right business environment so that your company works at its best. Besides helping the business companies, Aquent recruiting and staffing agency also serves the hires by providing them with job as well as training opportunities and polishing their talent.

So, build your relation with Aquent either as a job seeker or hiring agency to thrive in your future. Aquent staffing and recruiting agency serve you in the field of design, creative, and marketing. Moreover, you can customize your hiring as an employer according to your working needs and budget requirements with Aquent. Here, you can hire permanent, temporary, and temporary to permanent staff members easily.


Hire the best 20% talent for your business that will drive 80% of the successful results. It is the working principle of the 80twenty Los Angeles staffing agency. 80twenty specializes in staffing, recruiting, and executive search to find the best-ever talent with the right business names. The expert team of 80twenty professionals believe in talent and consider talent as their difference from the other competitors.

They have served thousands of clients who are satisfied with their services and look forward to working with them. 80twenty offers great many job opportunities where you can apply directly and show your talent. The agency has top reviews, high ratings, and successful relations with other businesses in the market. So, partner with 80twenty and secure your presence in this digital world of the business market.

Find My Profession

Find my profession is another big name in the Los Angeles market and offers its services both for job seekers and business employers. However, it can benefit you more if you are a job seeker as it serves reverse recruiting.

Reverse recruiting is a process in which a staffing agency makes the search for potential jobs available and apply to the appropriate job opportunities on your behalf. They provide your credentials, working capacity, and certificates to the clients and promise to get the job for you. You just have to register yourself on the platform and submit your resume to the experts. They will inform you when they are hired by the company to work. In short, they showcase your talent to others in order to get job for you in no time.

Insight Global

Insight Global provides top-notch staffing solutions to qualified businesses in Los Angeles, California. It serves the employees and organizations by providing a variety of job opportunities and the right talent to the right business environment.

Insight Global takes its central position in marketing by offering services in IT and non-IT, engineering, accounting, and finance. As an organization, you can hire talent temporarily or permanently, short-term contracts, long-term contracts, and direct placement.

Whether you are interested in freelance or in-person jobs, insight global can serve you either way. The staff of diligent experts always workson the front line to understand your plans, goals, job requirements or hiring needs, future insights, and talent to secure your place in the market.


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