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Key West has long supplied a secure haven for modern expression—especially freedoms of sexuality.  And in case you stay at the island lengthy enough, odds are you’ve both been invited to (whether or not you knew it or not) or brushed up towards the “swinger” culture. But the gestures and indicators of swingers may be downright puzzling and usually embarrassing for all people involved. Always right here to help: right here are 10 methods to decide whether or not you’re the clueless member in a circle of buddies who’re swapping a great deal greater than electricity tools.

Top 10 Signs You Are Unwittingly Hanging Out With Swingers

  1. You are the best one carrying pants at Bob’s birthday party.
  2. You simply figured Susan’s husband becomes “very European” whenever he greets you with a French kiss.
  3. You think all people putting their keys in a bowl become a totally accountable manner to keep away from riding under the influence of alcohol for the night.
  4. At nine p.m., it’s you and 12 human beings withinside the pool. At 10 p.m., it’s simply you and a totally engaged bare couple left withinside the pool.
  5. All of your buddies have warm tubs. A swinger without a warm bathtub is sort of a hipster without thin jeans.
  6. You’re invited on a couples date on the Best Western. Room 202.
  7. Your buddy’s residence is plagued by lawn gnomes, pineapple decor and/or purple flamingos. Don’t ask us … seemingly it’s a swinger thing.
  8. All of your institution holidays are booked at an area referred to as Hedonism II during “Swap Week.”

nine. Your neighbour casually returns your leaf blower, a casserole bowl and your wife’s underwear.

  1. You get invited to play a totally innovative version of duck-duck-goose at the Olson residence.
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