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Dailypay $one hundred seventy five m collection $ 325m Barron Online -Guest Blog News

DailyPay is a software program business enterprise that lets in people to manipulate at the same time as they’re paid. The company raises $175 million in Series A funding and $325 million in debt financing. At the time of writing, the business enterprise’s charge is $1B+.

Since its inception, Jessica Mah, an entrepreneur, has cherished top-notch fulfilment with the commercial enterprise. It has partnered with many organisations which include Walmart, United Parcel Service, and Adecco, a number one staffing Company.

DailyPay employs over one hundred and 12000 people and could pay them nearly $500 million annually. Its goal to negotiate higher pay preparations with big employers is its number one precedence.

Jessica Mah, CEO at DailyPay, said that DailyPay became developing a modern generation of career people and empowering them to control their financial future. We’re connecting over one hundred and twenty,000 personnel to their employers, and developing a platform that allows personnel and employers to make better selections about how they spend cash.

The business enterprise raised $71M funding in its May 2017 funding round. The company has now passed the $200 million mark. It raised extensive capital in December 2017 to fund its boom.

175 million collection from DailyPay, 325 million from Barron Online

I recently got here through the Dailypay m collection m Barron Online internet site and became intrigued with the aid of using their declaration that they might assist me make cash with the aid of taking surveys.

However, after performing some studies, I found that this internet site is not anything greater than a scam. They will now no longer pay you for taking surveys, and they’ll additionally attempt to promote you different merchandise which you no longer need.

I could advise keeping off this internet site altogether. There are many different valid survey websites available with a purpose to in reality pay you on your time. Do now no longer waste some time with Dailypay m collection m Barrononline!

There are some key matters to search for whilst seeking to spot a ponzi scheme. Firstly, test to peer if the funding guarantees assured or strangely excessive returns. If the returns appear too accurate to be true, they possibly are.

Another crimson flag is that the organisation isn’t always registered with the SEC. All valid funding corporations ought to be registered with the SEC.

You need to additionally be cautious of businesses that require you to make investments massive sums of cash upfront. Ponzi schemes frequently require buyers to position down a full-size sum of money earlier than they are able to begin to receive any returns.

If you spot any of those crimson flags, it is high-quality to live farfar from the funding. There’s a terrific threat: it is a ponzi scheme.

Avoiding being a victim

There are some matters you may do to keep away from being scammed. First, make certain to simplest cope with respectable businesses. If you are now no longer certain about an organisation, perform a little studies to make certain its miles valid.

Second, be careful of any organisation that asks for non-public data upfront. Some scammers will pose as valid businesses as a way to get your non-public data. Be certain to simplest provide out non-public data to businesses which you trust.

Thirdly, be aware of any red flags. If something appears too accurate to be true, it possibly is. Be cautious of any organisation that makes unrealistic guarantees or guarantees.

If you comply with those steps, you need to be capable of keeping away from being scammed. However, in case you do locate yourself in a scenario wherein you watched you could have been scammed, touch the Better Business Bureau or your neighbourhood purchaser safety workplace for assistance.


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