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Randie “Chryst Young” Graves: Multidimensional Entertainment Personality Carving His Own Niche

Becoming first-rate in today’s international calls for a few determination and willingness to install a few paintings. This is some thing that Randie “Chryst Young” Graves has carried out for himself.

Born in Hartford, CT, and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Randie Graves constantly had the dream to do tremendous matters as an entertainer. He loved the whole thing that needed to do with music, movies, and fashion, and it didn’t take too lengthy earlier than he were given his shot. Creator and Director Marcus Reyes presented him the possibility to host The Sneaker Game TV display, and his adventure commenced from there. He has been showed to be the display host for the second one season after the primary season were given 1.2 million streams on Amazon Prime.

Randie Graves is likewise a recording artist and actor with performing credit to his name. His adventure into the amusement enterprise commenced in 2011 while he commenced filming his net fact series, Day withinside the Lyfe of Chryst, with Director Chuck Holliday. The series, which aired on Suite929, has won extra than 100,000 perspectives independently. Some of his different performing roles consist of gambling Quan on The Ave, Undercover Cop, Sebastian Jones withinside the film Blood at the Streets 3, and Chase Michaelson on Asunder The Series. In 2014, he additionally received the first Place Performance Award with the forged of The Brotherhood on the annual “Midtown International Theatre Festival” at John Chatterton Theatre.

Randie Graves constantly believed that there has been a gap for him withinside the amusement enterprise, and he selected to get in with the aid of using beginning his personal net series. Through the energy of hints and referrals, he became capable of release extra possibilities and develop his logo as an entertainer.

He lately released “Rush” Unisex Fragrance for Made Lifestyle Collection, which became facilitated with the aid of using Chuck Holliday, the director of his net series. Randie Graves’ profession withinside the amusement enterprise has spanned thru one of a kind areas and niches. His paintings on The Sneaker Game as host has given him sizeable reputation because the fanatics and target target market expect the display’s return. Despite the display now no longer having the backing of a massive promotion, the second one season holds even extra potentialities for fulfillment as there are plans to movie upcoming episodes in Canada, Australia, and Europe. The display, which highlights sneaker tradition withinside the United States, could be taking a experience distant places to focus on the sneaker tradition in the ones locations too.

Randie Graves has a five-12 months purpose of turning into a bankable amusement personality. He hopes to paintings with larger manufacturers whilst assisting them attain a larger target target market and release new markets. In his words, “I see the manufacturers developing to end up a family name. With plenty of attempt and tough paintings, the possibilities are endless. Great merchandise constantly promote themselves, however consistency is the key.”

The primary lesson Randie intends to byskip directly to different human beings is the significance of conserving directly to their goals. “Keep your goals alive even if they experience out of attain or unattainable. Believe in yourself, put money into yourself, and the whole thing in the end falls in place,” he says.

Learn extra approximately Randie Graves and his perfume series at the website. Follow Randie on  Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for updates.


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