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Navahcia Edwards on Bad Choices Even Good People Can Make

One’s existence relies upon at the selections she or he makes, however there are instances that younger humans make terrible selections with out figuring out the gravity and the quantity that the influences of that choice will cause. Navahcia Edwards became notorious for a specific atypical high-profile case in 2011: a financial institution theft executed in nun masks.

People like to talk, however the talks of humans residing regulation-abiding lives aren’t as impressive. As such, the tale saved being blown up, and no person cared approximately who Navahcia Edwards became earlier than the incident. The reality that she had in no way been to prison or in problem with the regulation earlier than that, or that she have become an notable member of society after, aren’t of hobby just like the incident became.

The occasion had her incarcerated for more than one offenses: conspiracy to dedicate financial institution theft, financial institution theft, and embezzlement. Serving 5 years and ten months withinside the Federal Bureau of Prisons allowed her an awesome chew of time to ponder her existence selections and ask herself: what does Navahcia Edwards need out of existence?

Somewhere alongside the line, she found out that she had many enormous existence studies, being an abused foster child, a homeless female who were violated, and a girl who has been incarcerated for poorly-thought-out selections. Navahcia then determined that the destiny she desired became one wherein she will be able to draw on her studies to assist foster youngsters and ladies and empower them to take manipulate in their lives as she did.

“Don’t choose a person simply due to the fact they sin in another way than you,” is going a quote, and it’s far proper via way of means of the reality that humans choose as though they’ve executed no incorrect in existence. There are many misconceptions approximately Navahcia Edwards and who she is as a person, however the time has come for her to ultimately clean matters up and rebuild the credibility of her name.

At sixteen years old, she determined to run farfar from her foster institution domestic to break out from the physical, verbal, and sexual abuse she experienced. Running farfar from the Department of Children and Family Services unavoidably intended a scarcity of coins to fund her every day residing. At the time, she offered an express virtual content material of herself to an accomplice to reinforce her funds. This accomplice betrayed her consider and uploaded those content material to the net for perverts and pedophiles to abuse.

It became now no longer till years later that she found that breach of consider, and she or he had a excellent quantity of issue managing the reality. Especially for the reason that the whole lot published at the net is there forever, she involved approximately this leak’s long-time implications. She were cheated, and she or he later sought criminal assist to treatment this injustice.

These anecdotes of her existence in foster care, after strolling away, and the theft are just a few of the numerous hardships that Navahcia confronted in her existence. As a sturdy girl with an iron will, those occasions may also knock her down, however she can be able to hold getting returned more potent than ever.

Today, Navahcia Edwards is a fashionista, writer, consultant, survivor, and the proud proprietor of more than one companies with 3 books withinside the works. These books will characteristic her existence, to function notion and motivation that one’s beyond errors does now no longer outline what she will be able to become. Learn extra approximately her and her existence via pleased and turbulent instances via way of means of journeying her website. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for updates,


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