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Mr Incredible! Bomb Voyage

The Incredibles

Bomb Voyage is a routine enemy of Mr. Incredible as he’s delivered and is a mime-like crook who speaks French. When he’s first delivered, Bomb Voyage crashes through a brick wall after stealing money.

Just earlier than Mr. Incredible should combat Bomb Voyage, a younger Buddy (as “IncrediBoy,” Mr. Incredible’s sidekick) arrived and attempted to attraction to Mr. Incredible that he might be a worth sidekick for Mr. Incredible (and that he invented new rocket boots, which make him get round so fast).

Mr. Incredible then informed Buddy to head away and Bomb Voyage took advantage of the distraction to resource his escape. Incredible to launch Bomb Voyage which will shop Buddy.

Bomb Voyage changed into possibly aware about Mr. Incredible’s personality in that during a decent situation, he might pick out saving humans over apprehending criminals.

Incredible’s moves and landed and detonated on a railroad track.

This compelled Mr. Incredible to face withinside the route of the teach to save you it from going thru the newly made breach withinside the tracks, which resulted withinside the passengers suing Mr. Incredible; additionally they acted because the jury in his lawsuit trial (that’s illegal, as a jury should be impartial, as a result Mr. Incredible changed into truely being denied his prison proper of a truthful trial, and will have justifiably sued the state); and this all finally caused the Act being passed. By the prevailing time, his contemporary whereabouts are unknown.

Bomb Voyage In Video Game

In the online game version, Voyage is the principal villain for the primary 3 tiers of the sport and he speaks English. In the ultimate stage he’s concerned in, he recreates the scene withinside the film, throwing a bomb in Buddy Pine’s cape, forcing Mr. Incredible to shop him. After this, he tries to get away in a helicopter, and Mr. Incredible defeats him through throwing six bombs at him, inflicting it to fly out of control and possibly crash, killing Voyage. He reprised his position from the film in LEGO The Incredibles (Video Game)

Comic Book

In the comedian series, Bomb Voyage is recruited through Xerek to make the Eiffel Tower vanish with one in every of his bombs, and later meets Elastigirl and Mirage in individual whilst they come to investigate, whilst he tries to get away, Elastigirl follows him during Paris and finally shakes Xerek’s region out of him. Since it’s been 15 years due to the fact his look withinside the film, Bomb Voyage has elderly significantly, with a potbelly and balding hair.


Brad Bird initially pitched the concept of Bomb Voyage’s name. His authentic concept changed into that Bomb Voyage might be named “Bomb Pérignon” in connection with the in addition named champagne, Dom Pérignon, however the Moët et Chandon enterprise might now no longer permit that form of parody.


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