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WhatsApp Plus APK Download v21.0 [Updated] For Android – Anti Ban!

The most popular WhatsApp messaging app now has a modified version called WhatsApp plus. It is created by a third party, whose main goal in creating the app was to give users extra features that the original WhatsApp lacked in addition to the existing features of WhatsApp but in an upgraded form. Millions of people use this mod app, which will undoubtedly improve your chat experience.

A well-known cracked version of WhatsApp is WhatsApp Plus APK. This app is simple to access and has an intuitive interface. High levels of customization are offered by WhatsApp Plus’ most recent version, which is not a feature of the original app or any other cracked versions.

WhatsApp Plus APK: What is it?

One app lets you manage multiple accounts thanks to the WhatsApp Plus APK. Additionally, its most recent update does not hide your view status or degrade the quality of the shared media file. Additionally, you can simultaneously share a large number of files. Before using this modified version of WhatsApp, it is a good idea to remove the original version.

No legitimate app store, including the Google Play store, carries this APK. There are many different mod versions available, but the most recent mod version of WhatsApp Plus includes many more extra functions. As a modified version, it is illegal to use, but it is completely free. This software has an anti-ban feature that will stop WhatsApp to ban your WhatsApp account.

Because WhatsApp Plus was created by a third party who is a Spanish developer, you won’t find it in Google Play Store or any other Play Store. Rafale created WhatsApp Plus intending to give users more fun features than the original application.

With ratings from millions of users, WhatsApp is used by more than 2 billion people. Even still, WhatsApp lacks several features, like the ability to hide blue and double ticks, the auto-reply feature, a wide variety of themes, an adaptable user interface, and more. To obtain these alluring features, users download hacked versions like WhatsApp Plus.

The WhatsApp Plus APK’s Features

  1. Personalization

Themes that are both distinctive & functional abound in WhatsApp Messenger Plus. You can modify WhatsApp’s user interface to suit your tastes. You can choose the color of the text, buttons, and visuals. There are more than 700 themes in it. Additionally, you have the option of using themes made by other users or making your themes. Additionally, you may also personalize the widgets that appear in notification popups.

  1. Emojis & Stickers

When you install WhatsApp Plus, new stickers and emoji packs are available. Users can also download the newest sticker sets that are now in style. There are around 2500 sticker packs with over 65 sections available. By downloading the sticker maker from the play store, you may even create your own sticker set. However, these emoticons or stickers can only be seen by WhatsApp Plus subscribers.

  1. Optional Covering

Unlike WhatsApp Plus, which also lets you hide active status and blue ticks from particular contacts, WhatsApp allows you to hide online status and blue ticks with all of your contacts. When you utilize the hide your online status option, neither all contacts nor a specific set of contacts will be able to see you online. Even blue ticks can be hidden from any contact or group.

  1. App Cleaner

With this option, you can delete extra chats, photographs, and other items to free up space. Since only undesired data is deleted by WhatsApp Plus, you don’t need to worry about important information. This special function is accessible with WhatsApp Plus.

  1. Status of Writing and Recording

When responding to any message, WhatsApp Plus gives you the option to hide your typing and recording activity. So you can now type and delete till you get the ideal chat reply without anyone knowing that you are typing. This also holds for the recording status.

  1. Option for Advanced File Sharing

Using this application, you can distribute files up to 50 MB. Additionally, it offers file size adjustments ranging from 2MB to 50 MB. The original WhatsApp does not have this file-sharing option. Additionally, you can send 90 images at once, as opposed to the original WhatsApp app’s 10-image limit.

  1. murals

The limitless wallpaper options offered by this software are yet another incredible feature. With these distinctive wallpapers, you can even personalize your chat screen to make WhatsApp Plus look much more appealing.

  1. Auto-Response

The auto-reply function is restricted to business accounts in the original software. However, WhatsApp Plus allows you to program and send an automated reply message to any certain contacts you want.

  1. Text, Font, and Styles

You have access to a huge selection of fonts and styles with WhatsApp Plus. You receive a large selection of typefaces in various colors, styles, sizes, and shapes. Your chatting experience will be improved by this feature, which will also make your monotonous WhatsApp text messages engaging and attractive.

  1. History and Logs

Every action you take on your account is recorded by this feature. You can keep track of your history and records, including the times that you opened and closed the app. Users can utilize this feature to learn whether or not their account is active on other devices as well as the date and time that their account was accessed from other devices.

  1. Send bulky files

High-quality pictures and videos that are longer than seven minutes can be sent. Additionally, it allows you to send files up to 100MB in size and 50MB in size for videos, compared to only 16MB for official WhatsApp.

  1. View Status and Prevent Deleted Messages

Users of WhatsApp Plus can access messages and view the status that is being deleted by the sender or contact by using the anti-delete tool.

  1. DND Mode

Users can disconnect WhatsApp Plus from the internet by using the DND (Do Not Disturb) mode. DND Mode only functions as an airplane mode for the WhatsApp Plus application. Users won’t be interrupted by WhatsApp Plus calls or messages when using other apps.

  1. Scheduler for Messages

This tool is for you if you struggle with forgetting vital information. Users can pre-type a message and schedule to send it to a specified contact at a specific day and time by using this function, which allows users to schedule a message. Users can transmit crucial messages at the appropriate time in this way.

  1. In-App Interpretation

You can convert your text messages into another language using the WhatsApp Plus plugin. Nowadays, you may use WA Plus’ built-in translation feature without downloading a separate translation app. Additionally, this app supports 60+ languages.

Features of HeyMods WhatsApp Plus APK Version

YO WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and Fouad WhatsApp APK are just a few of the customized versions of WhatsApp created by HeyMods, a group of mod enthusiasts. Use the download link below to get the HeyMods version of WhatsApp Plus APK.

  • Hide conversations and privacy terms
  • DIY project
  • Turn off the phone call feature
  • Status of audio recording
  • personalize the messages screen
  • Optional Translation
  • Pause and continue recording voice memos
  • the color of the blue ticks
  • Hide stories from the view
  • Hide Optional blue microphone
  • Base Updated

Final Conclusion

The ideal messaging software, WhatsApp Plus, makes it simple to make both voice and video conversations. Nevertheless, it’s an unofficial app version, which is prohibited by law. You can use the advanced features that are available on this app but are not available on the official version. You should use it carefully because it’s a hacked version and you might get banned despite the official app’s anti-ban features receiving new updates.


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