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Screen Printing Services

Would you like to leave an everlasting impression on your customers? You can easily create an identity for your brand, product, or service with Prints R Us Custom T Shirts

What is the process for ordering screen printing services?

You can contact the Customer Care Department of the service if you need a single custom-designed T-Shirt or a complete batch of corporate uniforms.

Design Guideline:

Let them know what kind of design you are looking for. It doesn’t matter whether you need screen printing or silk screening.

The Specifications of Apparel

Have you run out of blank T-shirts? There are a variety of T-shirts, Tank Tops, Shirts, Tees, and other clothing to choose from. Let the sellers know your size, color preference, and style after exploring the latest design.


If you would like to receive a custom-printed T-Shirt at your doorstep, then you should let them know when you would like it to arrive. 

Printing on contract

Whether it’s creating own brand clothing or managing a large print job that’s too big for them to handle in-house, many printing companies offer a high quality, specialist contract screen printing service.

Fulfilment Screen Printing

In fulfillment screen printing, garments are printed, stored, assembled, packaged, mailed or shipped in bulk.

The screen printing process

T-shirts printed with screen printing have vibrant images that won’t fade easily. Printed tees are most commonly screen printed on the high street. In addition to large multicolour jobs, screen printing is also ideal for small single colour jobs. 

Garment Embroidery

You can also create quality, professional garment embroidery for staff uniforms, sports kits, military crests, and more. For a fraction of the cost, you can embroider clothing with logos and designs that look hand stitched. There is no doubt that embroidered items leave a lasting impression and are more durable than printed or embellished garments.

Screen Printed T Shirts

Printing companies use screen printing to print T Shirts because it is popular and durable. Printing artwork, images, text, and logos on t-shirts of all sizes, shapes, and colors is part of our T-shirt printing service.

CAD Cut Vinyl

Although CAD Cut Vinyl is sometimes called a printing technique, it does not involve printing. Rolls of colored vinyl paper are fed into a machine that cuts out the design. In addition to team names and numbers on jerseys, this can also be used for other purposes.

Why you might use this method:

Why you might not use the method:

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