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Facts to know before hiring San Diego car accident lawyers

Nothing is more traumatic than suffering injuries and losses in a car accident that wasn’t your fault. Sadly, serious mishaps happen frequently on the roads of San Diego. No matter the nature of your injuries, it makes sense to discuss the facts with an attorney so that you know whether you have an injury claim against the at-fault party. As far as laws in California are concerned, you can file an injury case on your own. However, hiring a lawyer can simply change things considerably. Before you hire a San Diego car accident lawyer, here are five facts you need to know.

  1. Your car accident lawyer will review your case for free. Yes, that’s right. All personal injury lawyers in California don’t charge anything to review a claim, and you can meet an attorney in person to discuss what your case is all about. Make sure that you don’t wait for an attorney for too long. If a law firm doesn’t respond to your call within a day or two, look for other options.
  2. Your car accident lawyer is bound to offer insights. A competent lawyer is expected to offer advice on the dos and don’ts following a car accident and will explain your rights. For instance, the lawyer should inform you that the insurance company cannot force you to give a recorded statement or sign a release. They will also guide you on the common mistakes that people usually make.
  3. Your car accident lawyer will investigate the mishap. While other parties, including the insurance companies, will do their homework to find out how the accident happened, your lawyer will do the same for you. Your lawyer will work with experts if required and gather all relevant information that can prove the defendant was responsible for your losses.
  4. Your car accident lawyer will work on a contingency fee. Instead of asking for an immediate fee or an hourly rate, your lawyer will get their share when you win. This kind of arrangement is the basic aspect of injury claims, and you don’t have to worry about having money to engage a lawyer initially. You should, however, ask the attorney if there are other expenses that are your liability.
  5. Your car accident lawyer will share regular updates. As a client, you shouldn’t have difficulty finding details related to your case. Expect a good lawyer to share the best ways to communicate with them or get updates from their office.

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