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Cowboy Hat – What You Need to Wear and How to Style When Wearing It

Cowboy hats are wide-brimmed and originally designed to protect cattle ranchers from climatic elements. The fur-felt hats feature a tall crown with a wide brim and a straight side. These hats are waterproof, fashionable, and of course durable. Since the ages, cowboy hats have evolved, featuring diverse shapes, colors, and styles.

Then, there is some etiquette to maintain when wearing cowboy hats. According to an article published in Huffington Post, you should remove the hat as a sign of respect for specific occasions and places. The rule holds for both men and women. So, in this article, learn what to wear and how you need to style when wearing a cowboy hat.

Wear a cowboy hat that’s perfect for your head shape

Before you flaunt your hat, figure out how it will look or match it with your head or face shape. If you have an oval face, go for any kind of hat. Again, people with a round face will look good with a tall crown and slanted brim. If you have a narrow face, wear a cowboy hat with a crown having medium height.

People with square-shaped faces can choose hats with curved brims and round crowns. A people person with a heart-shaped face can sport a hat with a shorter brim and a crown shaped like a teardrop.

Know your head size for the best fit

If you look at websites selling cowboy hats, they publish appropriate size charts that you can depend on; however, it’s better to know your head measurement. It will help you to get the hat with the perfect fit.

To measure, put the measuring tape in the center of your forehead so that it’s above the ears. Hold the tape firmly and wrap the same around the head. If the measurement falls within the published hat sizes, opt for the smaller size from americanhatmakers.com.

What to wear with your cowboy hat

Cowboy hats are available in a range of shapes and styles. It implies that you find a hat for every event or party. Sport a black hat on formal occasions or one with the shape of a palm leaf or a straw hat for more casual events or parties.

Pair your hat with a classic western outfit like cowboy boots. If you want a more contemporary or chic look, choose Chelsea bootsin black!Usually, cowboy hats go best with typical blue jeans and a shirt with button-downs. However, men can also wear a cowboy hat with a tee and shorts, while women can pair a hat with a short skirt and a blouse.

Wear hats according to the season

Usually, a straw cowboy hat is best for May until when you have Labor Day. Felt hats are ideal for the rest of the season. Now, which hat you will wear in which season is a relative thing depending on the weather.


Keep the above ideas in mind when wearing a cowboy hat. Look chic, smart, and stylish wearing a hat this season.


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