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What Kind of Roof Damage Can be considered a valid insurance Claim?

Did you not know the fact that State Farm paid out over $3.1 billion In hail claims for 2020? In 2020, more than $10.7 million homes in the US were damaged by hail-related damages.Insurance policies may be able to cover certain weather-related damages, such as hail damage.

You may not know that the most recent storm caused damage to your property. Continuous storms can cause extra damage to your roof over time.
Are you wondering if your roof’s damage is suitable for insurance claims? This article we’ll go over the various kinds of roof damages that you could make claims for insurance.

What’s included in the Basic Insurance Policy?

The majority of insurance companies offer the standard homeowner’s insurance policy. It is possible that you have paid for more improvements, but certain important items are covered in a standard insurance plan.

Your insurance policy is likely to be able to cover any damage to your home and belongings up to a specific amount. It is also possible to be insured for third party liability if someone else gets injured at your property and sues you.

What roof damage is covered?

The issue is the insurance plan contains many fine print that we do not go through. The fine print could be a barrier to certain kinds of roof damage, such as flooding or hurricanes. In the majority of cases the insurance policy you have will cover roof damage as a result of events that are beyond your control, including hurricanes and other catastrophes.

Your insurance policy’s basic coverage likely will cover roof damage caused by storms, fires, and hail. If your roof is damaged as a result of these incidents, then the insurance company will pay repair costs to fix the roof damaged.

What Roof Damages are Not Insured?

Other dangers that aren’t be covered under the standard coverage However, they can be added by way of special insurance are damages caused by:

    • Trees and other fallen objects
    • The weight of ice, snow or sleet
    • The bursting or freezing of pipes or heating systems, as well as air conditioning
    • Other risks, excluding earthquakes or floods

The majority of homeowner insurance policies do not protect against flooding damage. The policy you need to purchase is the separate insurance that you will need if you reside in an area that has significant flooding.

Your insurance claim could be rejected If your insurance company is of the opinion that the roof damaged is due to regular use and tear, or negligence. The more seasoned your roof and the more likely the insurance company will discover wear-and-tear damages. It could be that you’ll have difficult time finding an insurance provider who is willing to offer additional your with insurance.

Consider your location. If you experience more hail or storms in your region, you could be paying higher premiums. If your rate isn’t suitable, review your insurance policy since there’s a possibility that your insurance policy will not protect the specific types of roof damages.

Check The details of your Insurance Policy
Be sure to read the fine text of your insurance contract. It will explain the coverage and what’s not. It could be that you pay an lower cost and this means your insurance plan might not cover all the things you need.

Contact an Roof Inspector
If you believe you have damage to your roof, contact a roofing inspector immediately. Even if you do not see any damage, you might be tempted to have an inspection for your roof. This is because insurance companies won’t pay any claim for insurance if they believe the roof’s damage is the result from wear and tear or negligence.

If you’ve had enough storms, it is important to have an inspection of your roof at this time. The longer you put off more, the less connection you can make of the roof’s damage to storms. The insurance company could utilize that as proof that you did not make payment on the claim.

File A Claim
When a roof inspector inspects the roof of your home, you may do temporary repairs as you file an insurance claim. Take plenty of photos and discuss your options together with the roofer. Keep all receipts in case you could be the reimbursement you need for those expenses.

You should assure that you’ve got necessary evidence to prove that the damage to your roof resulted from the storms. If you’ve taken steps to keep your roof in good condition over time You should keep all receipts and other documentation. This could benefit in proving that the roof’s damage was not caused by wear and wear and tear.

Tips for Roof Maintenance
You must be alert for indications that indicate that there is a roof leak. Follow these tips for maintaining your roof will benefit you identify any damage to your roof earlier than it’s to late. It is important to spot roof damage early, so the insurance company doesn’t take on the usual wear and wear and.

Following every storm, you should look for any marks on the ceiling. This is a sure way to determine if you’ve suffered damage to your roof. Evidence of regular roof care will benefit to prove your case before the insurance provider.

Then, you should check for curling or buckling roof shingles. The roof shingles provide the initial layer of protection against storms that can damage your roof. If the storm caused damage to your shingles, there’s the chance that there are more damages that you must be aware of.

Make sure to inspect your chimneys as well as any other roof components that protrude. They can be easily damaged during an event of storm. They are usually covered however rainwater could be able to enter easily if there’s damage.

Find Your Roof Inspection for Damage Today
Do you have damage to your roof? There may not be any damage visible however, there’s occurred many storms recently. You should consider getting a free and thorough roof inspection now for a way to warrant the insurance provider won’t reject the insurance claim.

Get a no-cost quote contact us now! As you’ve learned, the longer you delay for a roof inspection, the more issues you’ll face in the event of filing the insurance claim. A roof inspection is nothing, but it could help you save many money when dealing with your insurance provider.


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