HomenewsWho is Macy Gray's ex-husband, Tracey Hinds? Where is He Now?

Who is Macy Gray’s ex-husband, Tracey Hinds? Where is He Now?

Tracey Hinds is an American Mortgage Broker, most popularly known as the ex-husband of the famed award-winning R&B as well as soul musician, and the actress Macy Gray.

Before divorce, the former couple had three children . They they were together for two more years between 1996 and 1998.

The public is not aware of Tracey even though it is known that he’s an iconic figure within the American entertainment industry. We’ll share the little we’ve learned to you.

Tracey Hinds Her Early Life Doesn’t Look to be mysterious

There’s not much available on Tracey Hinds’ history apart from the fact that Hinds is an African American man who was born inside the United States.

This means that the information about the date and location of his birth and place of birth, his parents as well as siblings (if they have any) as well as his childhood education, in addition to remains a mystery.

Tracey however, is believed to be working as a mortgage broker according to reports. Although his academic background is not known, it can be believed that he was a student of the subject at an institution of higher learning that was relevant to his current occupation.

His short-lived marriage to Macy Gray

It is believed there is a rumor that Macy Gray and Tracey Hinds were married for two years prior to divorce. Unfortunately, the details of the date, time, place and details about the event are not known.

The couple was reported to have married on the 7th of March, 1996, a mere time after their first meeting. In the days prior to their wedding, Macy was still having difficulty gaining access to the musical market.

Unfortunately, their relationship broke into a stalemate in the year 1998. a year after she achieved professional success after her first album on How Life Works.

Three children – two daughters and a son were already given to them prior to the date. Aanisah Hinds Their daughter was born on 16 January 1995. She has now turned 27.

Tahmel Hinds Their second child, Tahmel Hinds was born in the month of December of 1995 and is currently at the age of 26. Happy Hinds, their third child, and second daughter, was born on the 6th of October 1997. She is now aged 24.

According to rumours, Tracey and Macy separated shortly after Happy was born.

Aanisah studied design and art in the art and design department at Beverly Hills High School from 2009 until 2012. She finished her studies in the performing and visual arts before continuing her studies through Pratt Institute, where she graduated with an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts in painting.

Happy is the editor of Happy Hinds Magazine, and Tahmel is reportedly a musician.

She admitted in one of her Instagram posts that she founded @happyhindsmagazine97 but delayed its publication for three years out of fear that it would not succeed. It was a blessing that she succeeded and things are more successful than she had hoped for.

The reason for their divorce

Tracey Macy’s love affair was not long-lasting Their impulsive marriage was believed to be a failure because of their impulsive decision to be married.

Everything was fine between the couple in the early stages of their relationship. they were in love by one another.

As soon as they became parents however, the situation changed as they could not face the challenges of being parents. It got even more difficult when they were the parents of their first two children during the same year, however, they were able to manage.

However, Tracey’s pregnancy with their final child, Happy, was the most difficult time of Macy and Tracey’s marriage that ultimately led to the divorce.

Following that, Macy was forced to move to her mother’s house with her children despite not wish to.

On the other hand her debut album On How Life Is was the album that launched her into the spotlight and erased any anxiety she might have experienced, was influenced by her wedding to Tracey and her divorce.

The R&B singer and her ex-husband be in a negative relationship. In an interview with a reporter Macy acknowledged to the reporter that she as well as her children have no contact with Hinds.

The reality that Tracey hasn’t married or her whereabouts after their divorce remains not known, however Macy is believed to have been dating since then. She’s dated a lot of guys, but hasn’t yet to find a person she would like to live with.

Has Tracey changed into a female?

It is known that Tracey Hinds happens to be a guy and not a woman is one of the few facts that are publicly available about the actor.

The name he chose “Tracey,” which is a non-sex name in the UK however is often associated with women, could be a factor in people’s misperception of his sexuality.

In addition, Tracey Hinds is known to have had 3 children by Macy but so far, nothing has been discovered to suggest they could have received any assistance from outside in conceiving the children.

But, if he was female, there’s no way that he could have had three children because it was not scientifically feasible when Aanisah, Tahmel, or Happy were born, and isn’t today.

Now that it’s clear the fact that Tracey was a man during his romance to Macy Gray, one could be wondering if he wouldn’t have changed since their breakup.

It is definitely possible however, as of moment, we do not have any information to suggest that in this way. We consider Tracey to be still male.

In addition, according to other sources, he died in the year 2020. The information hasn’t yet been verified as true.

How many albums has Macy Gray Released?

Macy Gray has gained notoriety due to her distinctive, vocal style and raspy voice. She currently has 5 Grammy Award nominations and one Grammy Award victory.

She has released 25 singles, 10 albums, as the lead singer and 7 tracks as a featured performer, seven promotional singles, and 29 guest appearances over her extremely successful career in music.

She also appeared as the lead singer for 17 videos as well as the main performer in 4.

Does Tracey Hinds single?

Tracey has a boyfriend but not in a relationship with anyone right now. He is a shy person and prefers to keep his personal life private. He has not revealed any information about himself or his family in the news media.

Tracey Hinds Net Worth

Because he’s not a famous person so we aren’t shocked to learn that he doesn’t have an impressive net worth. However, you might be shocked to learn that Tracey Hinds’s net worth was staggering $1.1 million at the time of 2022.

He earned it through his mortgage business. But Tracey’s ex-wife’s net worth of around $12 million.

Social Media

Tracey does not have a picture on his profile or any profile that is public on the web. This is due to the fact that he prefers to maintain a low-key profile. There is also no Instagram or facebook profile because it is clear the fact that he’s a hidden person.

Final Verdict

Macy Gray filed for divorce after two years of relationship and three children, stating that she had decided to split from her relationship due to inconvenient differences.

However, Tracey has a relationship with his children and each have parental responsibility for their children. Tracey is a wonderful mother and has never shied away from his duties as father.


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