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Who Is Jimi Hendrix Daughter Tamika Hendrix? Her net worth, mother and Kids

We’ve all heard of American musician, singer and guitar player Jimi Hendrix. However, there are a few of us aware of his children. The truth is, he never married, but he was in numerous romantic relationships. Of these, there are two children. However, in this section we’ll discuss his youngest daughter Tamika Hendrix.

However, there have been many debates about Tamika regarding her status as the child of a non-legitimate Hendrix. In actual fact, in 1972 Tamika was denied the right to inherit Hendrix’s riches.

We’ve all heard of American artist, singer and guitar player Jimi Hendrix. There are only a handful of us aware of his children. He was not married but had a number of romantic relationships, of which there are two kids. In this article we’ll look at his daughter Tamika Hendrix.

However, there have been many controversy surrounding Tamika about her being the child of illegitimacy of Hendrix. In actual fact, in 1972 Tamika was not allowed to claim the inheritance of the Hendrix’s riches.

Find out more about her parents net worth, her career and many more interesting information.

Who Is Tamika Hendrix?

Tamika Hendrix was birth name is Tamika Laurence James Hendrix is the oldest child from father Jimi Hendrix and mother Diana Carpenter. Tamika was born on the 11th of February the 11th of February, 1967 at Minneapolis, MN. In 2022 she’s 55 years of age.

Also, she has an half brother James Daniel Sundquist who was born out of her father’s marriage to Eva Sundquist. Although they are siblings but never having the same relationship. In terms of her nationality, she’s an American and her birth sign is Aquarius.

Additionally, Tamika is an educated person and completed her primary studies at an elementary institution. Tamika reportedly completed her matriculation in the year 1985.

She is The Unlegitimate Daughter of Jimi Hendrix

We mentioned previously that Jimi wasn’t married, or divorced. Tamika was born out of his union outside of marriage. According to report, Jimi met Tamika’s mother Diana Carpenter on road. Around the year 1966, they went on some moment together California and then moving to New York.

Her parents were said to have an extremely casual relationship, with no plans to get married. Their casual relationship resulted in Diana’s pregnancy, and she had to leave her new home in Minneapolis in order to be not able for travel to join Hendrix along with his band.

Then Diana was able to give birth to Tamika but she didn’t announce the birth for more than six months, and Jimi was unaware of it. The time for the birth, Diana was merely 16 and Jimi had turned 23.

Did Tamika Hendrix Inherit Jimi Hendrix Net Worth?

As the child from Jimi, Tamika could be the only one who is able to inherit his fortune. Since she was the unproportionate daughter and was not able to pass an examination to determine paternity so she didn’t inherit the wealth of her father upon his death.

According to report, Jimi neither acknowledged nor strongly denied Tamika as his daughter. The best way to respond for this issue was to take an examination for paternity. In actual fact, Jimi and Diana’s lawyer were even planning an examination of the blood, but due the busy life of Jimi the process was put off.

Due to the passing of Hendrix on the 18th of September 1970, tests for establishing Jimi’s paternity to the child would never be conducted. So, the court process to prove the claim didn’t occur within the timeframe that was stipulated in New York law. This resulted in the rejection of Tamika’s inheritance from Jimi’s fortune.

In the end, Jimi’s estate of $400,000 was passed by his dad Al Hendrix. He even held the rights to his son’s music and image rights.

However, Tamika Hendrix’s net worth in 2021 is estimated to be in the region of $100,000.

Her husband, marriage and children

Naturally, the life of celebrities’ love lives has always been interesting. This is also the case with Tamika. Are they married? If the reports are true, she’s married. However, she has thus to date not revealed the name of her husband.

The couple was said to have dated for about two years prior to when they got married in an intimate ceremony. A few relatives and friends attended the wedding.

From her relationship with her husband, Tamika has three children with a son as well as two daughters. In August, Tamika even shared a picture of her children and her mom on her Facebook page. The caption reads: Tamika wrote “I deeply love my tiny family..

It is believed to be Tamika’s last photograph she took of her grandkids. They look very happy together.

Where Is Jimi Hendrix Daughter Tamika Hendrix Today?

The truth is, Tamika has earned enough fame because she is the sister of The Wind Cries Mary singer. Despite this, Tamika is leading a lifestyle that isn’t expected by a famous.

Since her last update she is entirely out of the spotlight. She hasn’t made any public appearances in a very long period of time, and instead enjoys her being away from the focus. The star girl appears to be living with her children and is enjoying life to the highest degree.

She is very active with her friends on Facebook where she sometimes gives insights into her private life.

She Loves Her Father Despite All The Changes

As with all children who is a kid, she has a deep bond with her dad. It’s been a long time since her father passed away, however, the affection she has for him does not appear to have diminished in any way.

In actual fact, she isn’t able to resist wishing Dad on Father’s Day. In 2018, she shared an amazing image of Jimi with her father, wishing him a wonderful day of his life.

Not only that, she has also posted numerous other pictures of her father on Facebook.


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