HomenewsCarlos Scola Pliego- Where is Sade Adu's ex-husband Now?

Carlos Scola Pliego- Where is Sade Adu’s ex-husband Now?

Carlos Scola Pliego is the ex-husband of Sade Adu. Carlos Scola Pliego’s ex wife, Sade is a Nigerian British musician, singer and actress, who is renowned as the singer-songwriter of her own band. A renowned and popular British female artists in the history of music her name is often cited as a major influencer on modern music.
Carlos Scola Pliego is a Spanish film director from Spain. How did the two couples meet and begin their relationship that resulted in their union? The couple hasn’t shared any details regarding the circumstances in which their paths crossed and began their relationship.

However, the couple got married on February 11, 1989. Carlos Scola Pliego and Sade Adu were married in a lovely ceremony in the company of their family, friends and their loved ones.

Carlos Scola Pliego and Adu Sade Divorce

The union didn’t last forever the couple decided to call it an end in the year 1995. The reason for the breakdown of their marriage wasn’t disclosed. Carlos Scola Pliego and his ex-wife Sade Adu were extremely private individuals. They were married for six years prior to end of their marriage.

What did happen to Carlos Scola Pliego?

Following their divorce, there was not said about Carlos Scola Pliego. His ex-wife relocated briefly to the Caribbean to reside alongside Jamaican musician Bob Morgan in the late 1990s. She gave birth to their child on July 21, 1996. The child was born as a daughter who sang in the song by Sade “Babyfather” in 2010.

Sade and Morgan then split up She was in an affair in a relationship with Ian Watts, a former Royal Marine from 2007. As a result of her relationship she has a step-son.

In 2016 the year of 2016 National Coming Out Day, the child of Sade was identified as a transgender male named Izaak Theo Adu. In September, Izaak posted a message on the internet, thanking his mother for her help through his transition.

The year 2005 was the time that Sade made the move to Gloucestershire country with family, as well as her dog, which she bought a rundown cottage to remodel. Sade seldom gives interviews.

In August of 2020, Sade was profiled on the cover of British Vogue for their lockdown lifestyle spread. She claimed she was living in a cave with her mother, boyfriend and goddaughter.

A felony arrest has changed the course of events for the ex-wife of Carlos Scola Pliego’s Sade

In 1997, when she was living there in Jamaica, Sade was detained by police officers in Montego Bay after she neglected to stop to stop traffic.

In The Chicago Tribune, police chased her down and arrested her for reckless driving and for failing to comply with the instructions of an officer. She was accused of verbally abusing the officers in charge of the arrest in the station.

While she was at Ocho Rios, Adu Sade and Carlos Scola Pliego’s ex-wife made the decision to move out of Jamaica. The case was put off until in 1998 the warrant for arrest was issued for the singer after she was not in the court. Sade said in the Time publication that this was not an accident and the police attempted to make her pay. “It turned into an unbelievable farcical drama she claimed.

She said she did not plan to go back to the United States in the future due to the warrant for arrest. The warrant expired in 2002.


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