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Pngme Apis 15m Series Ventureskeneokafortechcrunch

PNGME is a brand-new API which allows developers to access a range of information on the most popular photo-sharing site Imgur. With PNGME developers are able to access Imgur’s information, including albums, images comments, albums and much other information. This makes it easier to build applications that use Imgur’s information.

PNGME is backed by 15 million in Series A financing from Ventureskeneokafor. This will enable PNGME to continue to improve its APIs and expand its services. TechCrunch is the only source of information on this article.


PNGME offers a variety of features , making it an effective instrument for programmers. Some of the most well-known features are:

A Complete API PNGME’s API gives access to all Imgur’s content including albums, images comments, albums, and more.

HD Images: PNGME offers high-resolution images that are ideal for developers who require sharp and clear images.

The Developer Community: PNGME has an active developer community who can assist you with any issues or questions you may have.

Simple to Utilize PNGME is simple to use even for novices. All you require is a basic knowledge about HTML as well as CSS.

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PNGME is a service that costs money that allows you to test it for no cost, allowing developers to try the software prior to making a decision about joining. Once the trial period is over, PNGME costs $9.99 per month.. But, it includes access to all APIs included in PNGME. Pngme series. It is possible to pay for them in the event that you only require only one or two APIs. For instance Pngme’s Api 1 costs $0.99 per month, while the Api 2 costs $1.99 per month. Its Api 3 is free to use.

PNGME’s competition

Provide a variety of APIs which allow access to the data of Imgur. Pngme is the sole and only company that offers the opportunity to try it for a period of time. Other notable competitors include:
Pngme’s primary competitor is Imgur that has a paid API which offers access to a vast selection of images.
— Pngme is also in competition with other image-hosting services like Flickr, Picasa, and Photobucket.
— Pngme is one of the rivals for the editing of images, such as Photoshop, GIMP, and Paint.net.


What exactly is PNGME?

With PNGME developers are able to easily get data such as images, comments, as well as votes without having to worry about authentication or rate limitations.

How can I begin using PNGME?

To get started with PNGME, register for an API key at https://imgur.com/register. Once you have your API key you can apply for access to the PNGME API.

What data can I gain access to using PNGME?

PNGME gives access to a range of information about Imgur comprising comments, images and votes.

How can I submit request to PNGME API?

To access for the PNGME API you have to connect with an HTTP client, such as CURL, or Postman. Once you’ve got your HTTP client is installed it is able to make requests to GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE calls for PNGME API. PNGME API.

What are the limits on rate on using the PNGME API?

The rates of this API PNGME API are as follows:

– 60 requests per minute
– 5,000 requests per day

If you require over 5,000 request each day, don’t hesitate contact us via support@imgur.com.

How can I authenticate my request to PNGME API? PNGME API?

It is not required to authenticate when processing requests via an API like the PNGME API. If, however, you need to access private information such as user data and other sensitive data, you need to authenticate your requests with OAuth.

What exactly is Imgur?

Imgur is an image sharing website which lets users upload, share and post comments on photos. It was founded in 2009 and Imgur has grown to have over 300 million active users per month.

What is the pngme APIs subsaharan fifteenm africa series?

PNGme APIs Subsaharan Africa 15m series is an API that permits developers to access information on the well-known image-sharing website Imgur. Pngme APIs Subsaharan Africa 15m series is developed to allow developers access to a variety of information, including votes, comments, and account details. Pngme APIs Subsaharan Africa 15m series is accessible for developers who sign up for an account on Imgur. Pngme APIs Subsaharan Africa 15m series is an excellent method for developers to gain access to an abundance of information from one of the world’s most well-known image-sharing sites. Thank you for choosing PNGme APIs for Subsaharan Africa 15m series!


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