HometechnologyMexicobased Flat. MX 20m Startupsann Azevedotechcrunch

Mexicobased Flat. MX 20m Startupsann Azevedotechcrunch

With the participation of previous investors like the 500 Startups, Aztec has now received $20 million from another round of capital.

The company was founded in 2010, Flat.MX is a Mexico-based company that assists businesses and people with their digital needs like web design, development as well as the digital aspect of marketing. The company has secured $20 million through the latest round of funding which was led by Azevtec and with participation from other investors like the recurring patron 500 Startups. The latest round of capital will benefit the company grow it’s operations into Mexico and Latin America and boost the quality of its products.

With the latest round of funding flat. MX is in a good position to grow and benefit more people and businesses with their digital requirements.

Mexico-based Flat.MX 20 million Startupsann Azevedotechcrunch, Flat.MX is a Mexican-based startup that aids both individuals and businesses with their digital needs, including web design, development as well as marketing via digital channels. Mexicobased Flat.mx 20m Startupsann Azevedotechcrunch,This latest round of funding will be used to benefit the company expand its operations in Mexico and LATAM and boost its product offerings. Mexicobased Flat.mx 20m StartupsannAzevedotechcrunch. latest round of funding Flat. MX is well placed to grow and benefit more individuals and businesses with their digital requirements.


What exactly is Flat. Mx?

Flat. Mx is a Mexican-based startup which assists individuals and businesses with their digital needs including web design, development and marketing via digital channels.

What kind of services does Flat?mx serve?

Flat.mx can give individuals and businesses with development, design and digital marketing solutions.

who is the creator of Flat.mx?

Jorge Azevedo is the founder of Flat.mx. Flat.mx.

How much is the value of the company?

Flat.mx has 20 million dollars worth of value.

What is Flat.mx where is it located?

Flat.mx has been Mexicobased.

What year was the year that Flat.mx established?

Flat.mx was launched in the year 2016.

What are the funds being to be used to fund?

The Mexican-based startup Flat.mx has received $20 million of new capital, which it will use to increase its staff and services across Mexico as well as Latin America.

The latest round of capital was directed by Azevedo Ventures, with participation from TechCrunch Disrupt’s accelerator alumni funds, RISE as well as previous investors.

Flat.mx is an online marketplace for people to find and book furnished homes within Mexico City. The company was launched in 2016 by the CEO Alejandro Saucedo and COO Moises Mexia.

With this latest round financing, Flat.mx plans to continue expanding its staff and diversifying the range of services it offers. Flat.mx plans to use the money to “double its efforts in the development of technology and products” and build its marketing and sales teams.

Mexia claims that Flat.mx has experienced a significant growth since its inception and monthly bookings have increased by tenfold over the past year. Mexia says that the company is currently processing over $1 million of monthly bookings.

Flat.mx currently has apartments available in Mexico City However, Mexia claims that it plans to expand its services to other cities across Mexico as well as Latin America.

What is the most unique 30m series accelerant called azevedotechcrunch?

Unitq is an Mexicobased company that assists businesses as well as people with their digital requirements, such as web design, development, and marketing via digital channels. The company secured $30 million in the most recent round of financing directed by Accel and backed by previous investors such as a frequent investor 500 Startups It is Unitq’s first venture capital investment by an institution, however the company previously received $20,000 through 500 Startups’ Mexico City accelerator program.

With the new injection of cash, Unitq plans to grow its team and extend their services outside of Mexico and other regions of Latin America. Unitq plans to use the funds to create its platform for technology.


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