HometechnologyIsraeli 64m Seriesorbachctech

Israeli 64m Seriesorbachctech

Israeli 64-million Seriesorbachctech Israeli start-up Sharegain is run by WestCap to raise $64M Series A to fund their securities lending services. Financial institutions can lend ETFs and stocks. The Israeli startup has created an Securities Lending as a Service (SLaaS) solution that allows private banks, online brokers and others financial institutions provide the possibility of lending securities to their customers.

The Securities Loan is process which allows investors to take out a loan on securities from brokers to trade the securities. The securities themselves serve as collateral for the loan. The service is a great way for earning income or to benefit in short selling.

Share gains platform aids institutions to manage the risks that comes with lending securities and offers transparency on the price of loans. It has already raised $78 million up to date and plans to use the money to broaden its product range and expand it’s team.Security loans are a specialty service, however it’s a crucial one for banks that offer it. Share gains’ platform helps make it simpler as well as less risky institutions to provide the service, which could benefit to attract and keep customers.


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