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Flexiv Chinese Ai Series Meituanliaotechcrunch

Flexiv Chinese Ai Series

Flexiv the Chinese robots company, is the beneficiary of a 100 million-dollar purchase from Meituan that is Chinese service provider that offers services that are available on demand.. Flexiv will use the funds to enhance the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. This is a huge amount of money which will provide Flexiva an edge over its competitors. Through this investment, Flexiva will become a top player in the field of robotics. Flexiva’s technology is built in deep-learning and computer vision which allow robots to adjust automatically to their environment.

Flexiv has created various prototypes, including the robot that is able to arrange and stack items, and another that is able to pick up and transport objects. Flexiv’s mission is to build robots that act as assistants in homes as well as businesses. Its Meituan investment will enable Flexiv to speed up its process of development and to bring its products to market earlier. This is a huge win for Flexiv and could aid in its growth to become the most dominant company in the robotics industry.


Solutions offered by Flexiva are created to improve the quality of care for patients and improve efficiency of hospitals. The products offered by the company include a pharmacy robotic system and a surgical robotic.

The system for pharmacy is designed to streamline the filling of prescriptions. This will cut down on the amount of time required to fill out a prescription and also decrease the possibility of making mistakes.

The Flexiva surgical robot was designed to assist surgeons with minimally invasive surgeries. This allows for small incisions and less discomfort and faster patient recovery.

The products of the company are based on the most advanced technology and continuously expanding. Flexiva is dedicated to providing the highest level of treatment for patients and providing the most effective solution for the hospital.


Solutions offered by Flexiva can be used to boost the efficiency and quality of factories. Products offered by the company include robotic welding systems and assembly systems. Flexiva also provides assistance to customers in implementing their manufacturing strategies.

Flexible’s Ai Series welding robots are made to be highly productive and produce high-quality welding. The robots are equipped with FlexiGrip grippers, which can perform a variety of welding tasks. This Ai Series also includes Flexiva’s FlexiSense sensors, which give real-time feedback regarding weld process.

Meituan Meituan, one of the Chinese online retailer is making use of Flexiva’s manufacturing solutions to increase productivity of their warehouses. Meituan has utilized Flexiva’s robots to automate manufacturing and welding of the Meituan bicycles. Meituan has also implemented Flexibleiva’s FlexiGrip grippers to its internal logistics process.

Flexiva’s manufacturing services are helping Meituan to increase their efficiency in its warehouses, as well as improve the standard of their goods. Flexiva’s solutions have also helped Meituan to lower its expenses.


Solutions are essential for transportation Flexiva’s products are designed to boost efficiency in this sector. Flexiva provides a robotic storage and truck system which could assist in automating many of the processes involved with getting and shipping. Flexibleiva’s products are made to help make logistics more efficient and efficient, which helps businesses reduce time and costs.

Food Service Solutions

Flexiva’s food service services are designed to aid restaurant owners improve efficiency and cut the cost of labor. The company provides a robotic kitchen system as well as a robot waiter system. The products of Flexiva are in use by some of the largest restaurants in China like Meituan, Dianping, and Ricardian. Additionally, Flexiva has been featured in major news media like TechCrunch as well as Biotech. Flexiva is dedicated to giving its customers the most effective items and solutions. Call Flexiva today to find out what we could do to assist you in making your company grow.

What is flexiv 100m series meituanliaotechcrunch?

Flexiv 100m is an investment round which were led by Meituan which have been instrumental in helping Flexiv raise more than 130 million dollars. This investment was crucial in the development of Flexiv’s Chinese AI technologies.

Is Meituan Liao Meituan’s name?

Meituan Liao is a Chinese on-demand service provider that has invested $100 million dollars in Flexiv to improve Flexiv’s AI technology. Meituan Liao is a major participant in the economy of on-demand and has assisted in helping Flexiv grow into a leading AI startup. Meituan Liao utilizes Flexiv’s technology to offer payment, delivery, and customer service. The technology of Flexiv’s artificial Intelligence helps improve the efficiency of these services as well as offer a better experience to customers. Meituan Liao’s investment into Flexiv will allow the company keep growing at a rapid pace and increase its capabilities in artificial intelligence.

What’s The Made in China 2025 plan?

The Made in China 2025 plan is a program of China’s Chinese government to push businesses to invest in artificial intelligence and robotics. The aim in the strategy is to transform China an international leading player in these fields by 2025. The areas the Chinese government is planning to concentrate on are the development of electric cars, agriculture technology in addition to advanced manufacturing.

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