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Brazilbased Descomplica 83m Softbank

Brazil-based Descomplica the test-preparation startup has recently received $83 million of funding through Softbank as well as other investors. The money is used to acquire and create new products to meet the growing need for education and training in Brazil. According to plans by the company the launch of 33 courses is anticipated to be available by the end of next year. This will provide Brazilians greater opportunities to access high-quality educational resources as well as acquire the talent necessary for success in their careers. Descomplica’s goal is to benefit students excel in their studies, so that Brazil will benefit from an educated and skilled workforce. Through the investment of Descomplica, Brazil is one step towards achieving its full potential as a global player.


It was created it’s debut in Brazil in the year Brazil-based Descomplica, an online education platform, concluded an agreement worth $83 million with SoftBank. It was founded in 2011 by Rodrigo Mazza, Gustavo Gouveia as well as Fabio Angelo. The platform was initially designed to prepare students for Brazil’s entrance examinations, also called vestibular. The company has since expanded the scope of its services to encompass a variety of online courses offered in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. In the most recent funding round, Descomplica plans to continue expanding its presence across Latin America and expanding its educational material library. This is a huge achievement for Brazil’s tech industry and a testimony to the potential of Brazilian-based entrepreneurs.

Descomplica is a perfect illustration of how Brazil’s technology sector is growing , and it has the capacity for Brazil to be a major player in the global tech sector. With the benefit of SoftBank, Descomplica will have the capacity to provide quality educational material for students across Latin America. Brazil ought to be proud of the indigenous business leaders and their creative solutions to world’s challenges. Brazil is a rising world power and the agreement shows that Brazil is able to be a world-class leader in the field of technology.

This investment of $83 million by SoftBank is not only an achievement for Brazil’s tech industry, but is also a significant achievement for Brazilian entrepreneurs who are at the forefront in the development of innovative solutions to Brazil’s specific problems. Thanks to this deal, Descomplica will have the ability to favor high-quality educational material to students from all over Latin America and benefit Brazil to become a leading player in the world of technology.


What’s the Brazilian university admissions exam?

It is the Brazilian entry exam is called the vestibular, is a standard test students must pass in order to obtain the right to attend Brazilian universities. Brazil-based Descomplica is an ed-tech firm that is backed by Japanese investment firm Softbank has recently introduced Brazil’s largest-scale digital vestibular that allows students to take this same test but completely digitally. The vestibular test in Brazil is an integral component of the education system. With the introduction of this technology Descomplica, a Brazilian-based company Descomplica is aiming to make Brazil’s admissions to universities easier and more efficient.

What exactly is Brazil-based Descomplica?

The Brazil-based Descomplica is an educational technology (ed-tech) company that is based in Brazil and is backed by Japanese investment firm Softbank. It offers a range of internet-based offerings, such as Brazil’s very first large-scale digital vestibular platform that lets students take Brazil’s entrance exam completely digital format. Descomplica is based in Brazil. Descomplica provides other services, like an online training platformthat allows adaptive teaching along with educational material.

Are Brazilian-based Descomplica applicants have better probability of getting into Descomplica?

Brazil-based Descomplica cannot guarantee acceptance of every student to a Brazilian university. However Descomplica based in Brazil Descomplica certainly gives students greater accessibility to Brazil’s entrance exam and allows them to take the test in a totally digital format. This could make it easier for students to study and pass Brazil’s vestibular exams.

What additional services does Descomplica, a Brazilian company Descomplica provide?

In addition to Brazil’s very first large-scale digital vestibular, Brazil’s Descomplica also provides various other services. For instance Brazil-based Descomplica provides an online learning platform that allows students to practice exam questions as well as adaptive tutoring to meet students’ learning requirements as well as educational material via video lectures and tests simulations. Brazil-based Descomplica strives to bring students with the resources and tools that they require to pass Brazil’s entrance exams to universities.

What’s the mission of Descomplica, a Brazilian company?

The main goal of Brazil-based Descomplica is to improve Brazil’s university admissions system together technology to make it easier and more efficient accessible to everyone. Descomplica is a Brazilian company that aims to enable students in Brazil to recieve the opportunity to attend university, and to excel in Brazil’s entrance exams to universities.

What are the advantages from Brazil’s Descomplica?

The Brazil-based Descomplica provides a variety of benefits, such as Brazil’s very first digital vestibular system as well as an online platform for training that offers adaptive tutoring along with educational material. Brazil-based Descomplica also gives students the resources and tools that they need to be successful in Brazil’s entrance exams for universities. These services give students living in Brazil more access to Brazil’s entrance exam and make it easy for them study for and pass the exam. Descomplica, a Brazilian company Descomplica will also work to make Brazil’s admission process more accessible and effective for students of all ages.

Who are the customers of Descomplica’s Brazil-based subsidiary?

Brazil-based Descomplica is primarily a service for students from Brazil studying to take Brazil’s entry exam (vestibular). Brazil-based Descomplica is also a service for Brazilian-based institutions looking for a efficient and convenient method to test students. Brazil-based Descomplica collaborates together with other institutions of higher education and institutions in order to bring Brazil students with tools and information that they need to be successful in Brazil’s university entrance tests.

In general, Brazil-based Descomplica is an educational technology firm that is aiming to improve Brazil’s admissions procedure to universities together technology. It also aims to favor students in Brazil with the resources and tools they require to be successful in Brazil’s university entrance tests. Brazil-based Descomplica offers students from Brazil with greater accessibility to Brazil’s entrance exam which makes it easier to prepare and pass the exam. Brazilbased Descomplica is supported by 83 million Softbank an investment company that invests in the most innovative startups. Descomplica’s goal in Brazil is to help students from Brazil with the ability to procure admission to universities, and to excel at Brazil’s entrance tests to universities. Brazil-based Descomplica is revolutionizing Brazil’s college admissions process with its revolutionary digital vestibular system, an online education platform that allows for adaptive tuition, and educational material. Brazil-based Descomplica makes Brazil’s admissions process for universities easier and more efficient for students of all ages. So, Brazil-based Descomplica is the ideal solution for Brazil’s entrance tests.


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