Homenews32m Series Marbruck 47mhalltechcrunch

32m Series Marbruck 47mhalltechcrunch

About NewtonX

Sascha Eder co-founder and CEO at NewtonX recently told TechCrunch that NewtonX is at the edge of being profitable. To further accelerate the advancement towards that target, 32 million dollars in Series A financing was raised by Marbruck Ventures and 47M USD from Hall Capital. This round of funding will allow NewtonX to make investments in automation and technology which is crucial in advancing the business. They plan to enhance AI capabilities even further and enable their employees to bring answers quicker and more efficient than they have ever. With this capital injection, NewtonX is well-positioned to transform into an enterprise-level firm that is able to handle any future growth.

With the benefit of the most advanced technologies and automating key processes, NewtonX is demonstrating its determination to unlock the potential of data, while offering high-end solutions for its customers. While they work to make money, this new investment will prove crucial in helping them meet their short-term goals , and setting the stage for a successful future.

NewtonX NewtonX, an expert network connecting companies with experts in the field is able to raise a $32 million Series B round, led by Marbruck Ventures. This brings the total investment to NewtonX up to the current level of $47 million.

The funding will benefit NewtonX grow its reach and increase the size of its platform in order to meet the ever-growing demand for well-qualified research along with data-driven information.

In 2017, the company was founded. NewtonX has rapidly become the go-to resource for businesses who want to acquire the experience and guidance of experts in diverse areas. The platform allows businesses to quickly search for experts, communicate with them in a way that suits their needs and receive answers to questions that are relevant to their business decision-making.

Christine Hall, CEO and Co-Founder of NewtonX Christine Hall, NewtonX’s CEO and Co-Founder, commented on NewtonX’s new round of investment round “We’re happy to be having Marbruck Ventures join us as an important partner in this endeavor. Their support is further proof that our goal to make experts’ insights accessible to everyone is a good fit with the marketplace.”

The Series B round of funding is expected to benefit NewtonX connect businesses to skilled professionals from various sectors and deliver vital data-driven information to benefit make well-informed business decisions.


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