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3.3b Venture What is it and how does it affect your business?

3.3b Venture

What exactly is Venture 3.3b? This is a question numerous business proprietors are asking because this new venture will significantly alter the way companies operate. The Venture 3.3b is a brand new program that offers support and funding to small-scale companies. It provides mentorship, education and financial support to help companies expand and thrive. ! We will talk about the advantages from Venture 3.3b and how it can aid your business expand.

Venture 3.3b is a fantastic chance for small-scale enterprises to access the funds and help they require to expand and grow. This program provides guidance, training, as well as financial support to help companies achieve their objectives. We’d be delighted to talk with you about the benefits that Venture 3.3b and how it could assist your business in its growth.

Thank you for taking the time to consider the Venture 3.3b as a possible source of financing and support for your small-scale company! We’re confident of the fact that Venture 3.3b will prove to be an asset for your business and look forward to working with you to help you meet your objectives. Contact us today for more about the advantages that come with Venture 3.3b!

At Venture 3.3B We’re focused on investing in the healthcare sector. We’ve led the firm’s investment into ClassPass along with Oscar Insurance, two companies which are changing the way that people can access healthcare and pay for it.

We’re enthusiastic about supporting entrepreneurs make an impact in the world of healthcare. This is why we’re thrilled to continue to support ClassPass along with Oscar Insurance as they change the way that people are thinking about and use healthcare.

We believe that health care is an entitlement not a privilege and we’re dedicated to making it more affordable and accessible to everyone. This is why we are pleased to be a part of companies such as ClassPass as well as Oscar Insurance that are making changes in the field of healthcare.

Related FAQs

How much does ClassPass cost?

ClassPass can be described as an annual subscription which allows you to attend unlimited classes in participating studios. The price of ClassPass differs based upon the area, however it generally, it starts at about $79 per month.

What exactly is Oscar Insurance?

Oscar Insurance is a health insurance provider that provides plans for families and individuals. Plans start at just $50 per month. Oscar Insurance offers a variety of services to its members which include free visits to the doctor and 24/7 access to physicians by email or phone and discounts on prescription medications.

What is the total amount that Venture 3.3B collected in all?

Venture 3.3B has raised $1.2 billion. Its most recent fund that was launched in 2016 was $300 million.

What year was Venture 3.3B founded?

Venture 3.3B was established at the end of 2012 in 2012 by Kyle Elliott and Alex Kolicich.

What are the goals of Venture 3.3B’s investment?

Venture 3.3B is focused on healthcare investments. sector. Venture 3.3B has been the lead investor in investment of ClassPass as well as Oscar Insurance.

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Venture 3.3B is a renowned healthcare-focused venture capital company. The company have raised $1.2 billion in its last fund and its most recent fund was $300 million that was raised in the year the year 2016. Venture 3.3B’s portfolio businesses comprise ClassPass as well as Oscar Insurance.

What are some of the notable investments made by the company?

A few among the Venture 3.3B’s important investments are ClassPass as well as Oscar Insurance.


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