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Who was responsible for the murder of Kalecia Williams? Is the person who killed her her partner? Is his surname the same as his?

Kalecia Williams was a teenager when she was shot dead during filming of in the TikTok video. Her story was made famous when it was first reported. in this report we’ll find out everything we can regarding the girl’s story.

She was only 16 when she was killed at the Hyatt Residency in Atlanta in the year 2020. After the shooting her death, it made news throughout Atlanta, Georgia.

Kalecia Williams was killed after her invitation to attend a celebration but at the time, she was still a schoolgirl. The incident took place in December 2020, which was a day that followed Christmas.

Who was responsible for the death of Kalecia Williams?

Kalecia Williams was found to have been killed by a male friend of 16 years old who’s name was not revealed because of his age at the time of his murder.

Investigative reports found the fact that Kalecia Williams was at the Hyatt Regency hotel with a male companion at the time the incident took place.

In the aftermath of the incident, police arrested the young boy, and placed him in custody. Then, they took the boy for interrogation at Atlanta Police headquarters for further interrogation.

The girl’s murder was brought to the forefront in Atlanta state as a result of the gruesome tragic death of Kalecia Williams. The boy, however, was charged with murder felony as well as reckless conduct, aggravated assault and possession of firearms for a minor.

In the course of the inquiry, an unidentified child was holding a firearm which he pulled out . He then pointed it at Kalecia Williams. He released the gun.

Are you Killer from Kalecia Williams her best friend?

It was confirmed it was reported that Kalecia Williams was at Hotel with her male companion who who fatally shot her. The victim is believed to be aged 16 and also a school boy.

Police have arrested the person who killed Kalecia Williams, however the reason why his identity hasn’t yet been revealed is not known however , it is believed is due to the fact that he’s underage.

What is the murderer of Kalecia Williams?

The identity of Kalecia Williams The killer of Kalecia Williams has not yet been released, however there is a strong suspicion that the victim was years old when the incident took place.

The boy, who was a youngster, as well as Kalecia Williams were both present at the same Christmas celebration at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Atlanta.


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