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What is Amelia Ressler? The Facts You Must Learn about Her Case

Amelia Ressler was arrested for molestation of children while she worked as substitute educator in Zion elementary School, Carrollton.

In this blog we’ll go into more details regarding Amelia Ressler who was charged by the Carrollton police.

What Is Amelia Ressler?

Amelia Ressler is a 30 years old substitute teacher at the Georgia Elementary School. He was accused of the charges of 19 counts for child molestation when the arrest.

Her arrest was made following a complaint from the school Zion Elementary School made a complaint against her. The internet was the focus of the incident shortly after Amelia Ressler was arrested by police.

Amelia Ressler charges

Amelia Ressler was found masturbating in a film while second-grade students stood on her, and footage was used in evidence in the case.

According to the investigating officer, Ashley Hulsey they were not able to observe the actions of Amelia Ressler did however based on the interview of the kids , they added additional charges


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