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Josh Winterhalt Bio, Career, Wife, Net Worth & More

Josh Winterhalt was born in New Hampshire, United States of America in 1976. Based on the date of his birth the year is 1946. He will be 46 old as of 2022. He is an instructor of mixed martial arts and mixed martial arts artist who is due to his union to American actor Sarah Wayne Callies. His wife is famous for her role in the cult TV series, Prison Break and The Walking Dead

Josh Winterhalt Wife

In the years that Josh with his partner Sarah Wayne Callies, have been engaged for a while They finally made the decision to marry in 2001. There aren’t many specifics about their relationship and their wedding as of yet.

But, for the time being, we do not know if they declared the birth of their child following the marriage had lasted for five years. In 2013, it was reported that the couple was expecting another child via adoption.

Josh Winterhalt Career

Josh Winterhalt is currently working as an instructor of professional level and martial arts performer within America. United States of America. It is unclear about the amount of films that he has appeared in or assisted in behind the scenes.

But his partner, Sarah Wayne Callies is well-known as a character from the popular TV show, The Walking Dead and Prison Break.

Josh Winterhalt Net Worth

The famous martial artist is estimated to have a net worth of around $6 million roughly. He’s disappointed to be making so much income from her work as an instructor of professional martial arts or mixed martial art performer from America. United States of America.

Is Josh Winterhalt Married?

Yes. the famous American trainer of the martial arts is happily tied to Prison Break finest actress, Sarah Wayne Callies. They have a daughter together , and it was claimed that the couple adopted a child of their own.

Who Is Josh Winterhalt?

Josh Winterhalt is a famous American martial arts instructor and martial arts performer in his home in the United States of America. He was a involved in a few successful television and film series around the globe. In addition, he has been well-known due to his union with Prison Break actress, Sarah Wayne Callies.

Josh Winterhalt Martial Arts

Josh Winterhalt is an American martial arts instructor and martial artist from the United States. He has teamed up with other members of the crew to put incredible work that are available for consumption by the public. He is also engaged with Sarah Wayne Callies, an American actress.

Summary Profile

Name: Josh Winterhalt

Day of Birth 1976

Age age of 46 age by 2022

Location of Birth is the United States of America

Profession: Martial arts instructor and martial arts artist

Net Value $ 6 million or so.

Wife: Sarah Wayne Callies


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