HomenewsAppwrite Announces Appwrite's $27M Series Funding Round

Appwrite Announces Appwrite’s $27M Series Funding Round

Today, I’m happy to announce that, six months after we’ve completed the Seed financing round we’ve completed our $27 million Series A funding round , led by Tiger Global and all of our current investors, which includes Bessemer VP, Flybridge, Ibex Investors, and Seedcamp. This funding round is a great proof of our achievements and will give a significant increase in our ambition to make Appwrite the best development platform for developers of all kinds.

What exactly is Appwrite?

Appwrite is an open source, Backend-as a-Service platform that supplies developers with all the essential APIs and tools needed to develop any software on different development platforms like as Web, Mobile, and Flutter.

Appwrite lets developers build secure applications more quickly than ever before, and gives users an experience that is focused on the developers’ enjoyment and efficiency. As complexity increases in the world of software, Appwrite becomes a crucial layer of abstraction on top of traditional cloud providers, allowing developers to concentrate on their products, innovations and the problems the future will bring.

With Appwrite, we want to let developers run swiftly and avoid mixing various solutions or expanding their capabilities to include diverse libraries and services which were never intended to function together. Appwrite gives developers an easy-to-use platform that draws on existing skills instead of demanding that developers discover new concepts and techniques.

We have Big Plans!

Since the beginning of our Seed capital round in the funding, we’ve achieved significant progress in Appwrite’s development Appwrite and grow our team during the process.We have significantly improved the existing Appwrite features like apps like the Appwrite Database and Cloud Functions and have taken them to the best performance achievable. We’ve added some new and advanced features, such as Storage bucket support, unlimitable size file uploads the latest SDKs and real-time support for each Appwrite service.

The months ahead are likely to be more thrilling. We’re planning to work harder on expanding the existing Appwrite collection of APIs as well as services , thereby creating a wider array of apps and usage scenarios which can be created using Appwrite with the same excellent customer experience we’ve always been able to provide as our primary goal.

We’re also pleased to announce that Appwrite Cloud is coming in the coming months You can now join our beta early. Appwrite Cloud will be a fully managed, distributed solution. Appwrite Cloud can be described as a fully-managed, distributed service that makes the transition from production to scaling Appwrite simpler than ever before. Appwrite’s Appwrite group will continually develop our self-hosted service to ensure that it is the most simple and comprehensive self-hosted backend-as a-service that is available.

We will continue to support Open-Source Communities

Appwrite began its journey as an open source side-project. We can remember how challenging it is to sustain this kind of project with limited resources, and how difficult it can be for open-source communities to thrive and be financially viable. We are aware of how challenging to us and we are also grateful for Appwrite and other open-source communities’ role in helping us get to the point we are at today.

With this in mind with that in mind, Appwrite’s Appwrite team will ensure that we’re sticking to our fundamental values which are based on the same fundamentals which make open source so wonderful.

We’ll continue to help the larger community of open source as well as maintainers and creators by a variety of sponsorships, donations and collaborations facilitated with our funding. We’ll be announcing more initiatives to help us play our part in creating a sustainable open-source community, with the hope for other companies to join us.


If you’ve been in the Appwrite community, then you know that we are always happy to show our appreciation. This is an excellent chance to express our gratitude to the exceptional people who have helped us achieve this milestone by believing to Appwrite and our mission. The new shareholders, John and the amazing team at Tiger Global, our existing investors Amit from Bessemer, Chip from Flybridge, Nicole from Ibex, Sia from Seedcamp, Aaron, and those who are part of The Abraham fund, as well as all of our angel investors We’re grateful to have you as in our journey!

As always we’re owed a massive thanks to Appwrite’s community. We are grateful to you for being here and make our job more enjoyable every single day. With you all making a company work out in the open has been the most satisfying professional experience to this point. Thank you for your love with love and determination you provide us each day. We’re committed to doing the best job we can to serve you. You are worthy of nothing less.


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